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Page of Swords Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

The foundation is not yet solid, all ideas should be rooted in the soil of reality

Card Details:

The Sword Servant in the reverse position is rusty but calm about keeping his exclusive possession. Holding a sword is not an easy task and requires a long period of training. The Servant holding the sword in both hands is not sure what to do with it, and is waving it around in a disorderly manner. Waving the sword around is a dangerous thing to do, and dropping the sword is a matter of honor and pride, as well as a matter of responsibility in addition to frustration.

The reversed position of this card indicates that the Servant is having problems with his or her own footing, which can lead to a lot of problems. Because of the eagerness to show up and the curiosity to try things out, there is a lack of strength and experience. This is due to a lack of preparation, not anticipating the many situations that can occur, and the inability to face stronger forces.

The presence of this card in the opposite position in divination represents a lack of smooth reaction of the mind, or even a crisis that cannot be resolved. It also represents communication problems, which may lead to arguments and quarrels, and unnecessary debates. Or communication may be interrupted and blocked. On a worse level, a sad face can turn into a wounded and sorrowful one. This is also a time when imposters are exposed, fakes are detected, and counterfeiting and piracy are reported.

Card meanings deduction:

The Squire of Swords' original moderate vigilance and defense will turn into a strong suspicion when reversed, treating everyone as an enemy, which will easily give rise to quarrels and misunderstandings. On the other hand, when the Sword inverted, your ability to express yourself will be hindered, you may stutter and get stage fright, or misunderstandings may occur during communication.

When the Sword is inverted, it may symbolize late news. It also suggests that your foundations are not yet secure. The flight of the airplane is more akin to the inversion of the Squire than to the square of the card. In career analysis, it could mean a career related to flying. Staff and pilots on airplanes often pick this card.

Love of gossip is also a meaning of the Servant card, as it is his task to deliver news, but this time he can spread it to more people than he thinks. It may also suggest that you are better at thinking and talking than acting.

When the Sword Squire is in a negative state, it may be that they are constantly trying to talk, which is enough to drive those around them crazy. They are easily distracted and their ability to concentrate is very short-lived. Negative Sword Squires may mutter a lot because they know that the noisy child gets the candy.

If you want to improve their concentration problems, then encourage them to do more. Simulate the words of the Queen of Swords to her fourteen year old squire, "If you could practice on your feet as much as you practice on your mouth, then you could go to the Olympics for the marathon."

The sword squire could mean that you are not doing enough to make your dreams come true. Maybe you are talking about one thing with your mouth while your body is doing another.

For example, Jenny talks non-stop about her writing. Everyone she knows is quick to recognize the book's source material, i.e., how it changed her life. The truth, however, was that her creative juices ran to her mouth, not her pen, so she didn't write a page in ten months. She lived the dream of becoming a writer without actually writing anything.

When the Sword Squire appears upside down, all it says is: stop dreaming and start acting!

Core Tip

The Squire of Swords can indicate bad news in either the plus or minus position, and in the minus position, with the tip of the sword pointing toward the questioner, the situation is even worse.
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Knowledge Expansion

Overall, the card's reversed position shows frustrations in life, relationships and trivial emotional problems.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Servant of Swords symbolizes mistakes or losses due to careless judgment when it comes to career and money.
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