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Page of Swords Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Empty thoughts, too much dreaming and not enough action

Card Details:

In times of war, the King of Swords strategizes, the Knight of Swords is on the battlefield, and the Squire of Swords stays on the heights to spy. He holds his sword in both hands, but his gaze is turned away. His hair and the trees in the background are blown by the wind. Ten small birds fluttered in the distant sky. The gray clouds in the background brought about a slightly chaotic atmosphere

Squires are usually very curious, and the Squire of the Sword puts his curiosity to use in prying into the privacy of others. He is the best reporter, intelligence and paparazzi, any gossip, entertainment gossip, ask him on the right, he likes to observe others, holding a cold-eyed mentality, say the length of the road, on the right and wrong, invariably also spread a lot of rumors.

If he is your friend, he may be able to help you see the truth. Because of his role as an intelligence officer, he is very alert and defensive, often looking at things with a skeptical eye, though not quite as judgmental as the Knight of the Sword. He is, after all, a squire and has a more childish personality, and while he doesn't dare to get into as much trouble as the Knight, you must still be careful in your dealings with him, as he may pass on all your private information.

His style of action is more sneaky, if you get into a conflict with him, he may lip-sync with you and it will be fine, but if he really pisses him off, he will sneak up on you and stab you in the back like an assassin in the dark of night.

Card Meaning Deduction:

He is the most responsive, the most articulate, the most talkative, and the most skillful in making little schemes out of the four attendants, for he is too clever for his own good. If he puts this kind of energy into researching subjects, he will achieve success. He possesses the spirit to get to the bottom of things, and is the most suitable of the four squires for graduate school.

The Sword Servant is an information manager and analyzer. He is responsible for detecting and researching new areas and providing information to others. Others may think he's sneaky, but he's really a good spy and has the defensive talents of the Treasure Sword. He pays close attention to detail, is a frank communicator, and will solve problems the easy way. He doesn't get nervous when it comes to difficult puzzles. He also represents the beginning of a new interest or study. The card indicates that the querent will receive an important document, contract or letter. The querent is advised to read it carefully as there may be some mistakes between the lines that could lead to a lot of trouble. If this card alludes to a person, this person is intelligent but calculating, strong-willed but indifferent to others.

This quick-thinking young man likes to talk, has lots of ideas and innovative concepts, but these ideas come in pairs that don't fit together. They are attracted to unusual stories and conversations, so books, movies, and phone conversations are often part of their discourse. Even children don't cling to their parents when the babysitter arrives, and they usually seem curious about strangers and not at all shy. They may have a bit of a harder time in preschool, though, as their ideas are nonsensical and there seems to be no time when they get bored.

You can notice to this squire that his feet are far from the ground. This indicates an attitude toward life that requires you to pull yourself away from reality through dreams and thoughts. This can be a positive card for those who rely on creativity and thinking for their livelihood, but it can also suggest that being grounded is necessary, assuming you want to produce something practical or tangible.

The Servant represents new news, such as a phone call or a letter, as traditionally the Servant was the one who carried messages for the court. Since this attendant is floating above the land, it suggests air travel. If the Three of Scepters, Six of Swords, Eight of Scepters, Temperance, or the World is in the deck, the implication is even more pronounced.

The Squire of Swords may represent a trip on an airplane, any message related to your problem, or in general divination, a message about an idea or plan you currently have. A young person with a lively mind who is prone to be inspired by ideas that are not very practical may also be suggested by the Sword Squire.

In career analysis, it could mean that creativity and dreams will help you or become part of your career. Sometimes the Sword Squire suggests that you are still in the fantasy stage of a program or situation, so you need to come back to reality before you can judge whether your ideas are feasible or not.

In terms of relationships, the Sword Bearer suggests that you are dreaming about a relationship you want, but not acting on that dream to make it a reality. It suggests that you are maintaining a mythical attitude towards relationships, or that you are retreating from reality or pain and keeping it all in your head (that is, approaching life by thinking about it, without thinking about how you feel). It represents an intellectual attitude towards emotions, but lacks the basis for a deep understanding of yourself or your situation.

If it is used to describe a person's appearance, then their colors are usually dark hair and eyes (this applies to every Court of Swords card). If the person represented by this Courtier is under twenty-one, they may be full of ideas, plans, and dreams, yet may lack the practical foundation necessary to put them into action. If the person is over 21, they may have an immature or childish attitude towards life.

When there are setbacks in life, the Sword Squire may want to escape to his/her fantasy world. After all, it is much easier to imagine success than to actually succeed. They use daydreaming as a substitute for seeking workable solutions. In some cases, the confident and steady Sword Squire will make concessions through agreements, assisting and getting the chance to achieve the goal. In frustrating situations, the benefit of communication is accompanied by rational thinking, which allows the young person to quickly find new solutions.

As an example, a friend of mine came home late one day and his ten-year-old son asked, "Can I watch a movie?" "Absolutely not." He replied. "How about just the first half?" He bargained and launched into a negotiation. He knows that if he agrees to let his son watch the movie at this point, even if it is only for ten minutes, he will want to negotiate up to twenty minutes next, and when it gets to that point he will spend the whole night negotiating with him. This is a typical scenario of the Squire of the Sword reaching his goal through negotiation.

Core Tip

The Swords deck represents the element of air, and this attendant card is the air part of the element of air. It suggests that too much is being thought about and too little is actually being done, and that you need to keep your feet on the ground if you hope to make realistic gains.
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Knowledge Expansion

In specific events, the Sword Squire represents bad news, messages that bring challenges, rumors, minor spats, and is conducive to learning new technologies or disciplines such as communication, such as computers and languages.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Squire of Swords standing on high ground with his hair blowing in the wind, with birds flying in flocks, can also represent air travel.
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