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Queen of Swords Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Don't stay in old patterns, use deeper thinking to get rid of negative emotions.

Card Details:

When this card is reversed, the Empress is seated and unsteady in her position, yet still wields her sword with embarrassment, thus causing harm to herself and others. She appears to be out of step with the crowd, self-absorbed and stubborn, or thinks she is noble and moral. Her temper is unpredictable and even more intolerable, and she herself is emotionally rejecting.

The Queen of Swords is a perfectionist and may be dissatisfied with her ego and mentally unfocused when in a negative state. She no longer uses her strong and powerful mind to learn, but instead turns to her inner world to criticize herself. She is always talking at length and shows signs of impatience. When she speaks, she drones on and on and is aimless. As an Empress (the water part of the wind element), when she is in the positive position, she is a large river meandering quietly into the sea, while in the negative position, she is a small stream that splashes noisily whether it encounters a huge rock or a small pebble.

The Queen of Swords in the opposite position is also a subtle thinker, but she can overuse her powers, leading to disorganized situations where she can't think straight. Make yourself narrow-minded, too formal and defensive. She will be unnecessarily calculating, and will often make mistakes in her assessment of her depth of sophistication, resulting in a deceitful and deceitful attitude, or even hostility toward others, full of revenge and envy.

Card Meaning Deduction:

When the Queen of Swords is in reverse, she can be a pessimist, a perfectionist, and aloof. She can use her Swords to stir up trouble and combine her sharp judgment of human nature with a cold curiosity. She can create touch-and-go scenarios because she enjoys watching people fight. Where people who would otherwise be friends can turn against each other with her skillful manipulation.

The presence of this card in the opposite position in divination indicates the presence of such a fearful character or the character's original traits presenting an irrational temperament. In terms of the situation, the person is in a bad situation and is stuck in a state of dilemma. Therefore, the subject may not be able to get support from others, or may even be in opposition to the environment, or encounter dangerous enemies.

With the Queen of Swords inverted, the Queen of Swords is not only cold, but also cruel to her suitors. Her original integrity becomes bad-hearted and she uses treacherous means to achieve her goals, full of a stern and murderous spirit. Her original reasonably demanding personality becomes almost demanding, and she is extremely careful, making her bystanders miserable. In the positive, she is honest and to the point in her words, in the negative, she will directly stab others with her words, and may also make up stories and spread rumors.

Her own painful experiences have hurt her so badly that she will summon life with an openness on the one hand, only to strike it down with her sword as it approaches her.

She may be dishonest, and you will hardly be able to make her face this fact, for she always has a small window open for herself, ready to seize it and flee. She can be vicious, narrow-minded (she calls her parochial outlook on life "pure faith") and sarcastic. She is intent on finding weaknesses in others in order to manipulate or control them.

She is often skeptical of her own abilities, and she will make you skeptical of your own. She is quite eager to engage with life and grow, yet she is afraid to take risks. Rigid beliefs about life often leave her emotionally starved.

When the Queen of Swords is reversed, it means that she rarely makes good use of her thinking, preferring to keep herself stuck in old habits, hurts or negative thoughts.

Sometimes there is no kindness at all from this person, only vitriol, because she believes that life has never been kind to her, and she can't find an ounce of kindness in others.

Another implication of this card being reversed is that you have a tendency to be hard on yourself, even if you've only made a small mistake. This could be suggesting that you are a perfectionist. If this is the case, perhaps you should remember that life also includes things that can get your hands dirty at any time. Perhaps you haven't understood the significance of what happened in the past and are punishing yourself for things you did or didn't do.

When the Queen of Swords is opposed to her plans, she may be spiteful or may write a snarky letter of complaint. When dealing with those who are her people, she will raise one eyebrow to show her skepticism and disgust. Sometimes she will meticulously conceptualize another route to her goal, but act as if she has long since given up.

When frustration strikes, the Queen of Swords can become a hot-tempered and venomous person who will argue every point of a matter she is disputing. It's not easy to beat her, as she's quick to search out and point out your weaknesses.

A good example of this is that after being asked to revise my original manuscript more than fifteen hundred times, I sent out an attack letter one afternoon expressing my displeasure with my editor, demanding that I had to explain why I had been asked to revise it so many times during the editing process. My letter was edited and re-circulated back to me. The Queen of Swords corrected my typos and added some question marks next to some of the wording, and pointed out that my use of a preposition to end a sentence was grammatically incorrect. I was aptly lectured, while she remained calm and collected.

Core Tip

The Queen of Swords reversed shows problems in thinking and psychology, especially in relationships and emotions that are highly affected by such negative emotions as indifference and harshness.
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Knowledge Expansion

You will not be able to get into the swing of things in your usual way of doing things because of your mood, and you will have difficulty in studying. Career is also prone to disputes caused by uncontrolled bad temper, affecting development or reputation.
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Card Meaning Extension

As the saying goes, "Harmony breeds wealth. In the case of the Empress of Swords, it is easy for you to lose your fortune because you are often critical and harsh for no good reason.
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