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Queen of Swords Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Calm and collected, a well thought out achievement

Card Details:

The Queen of Swords wears a butterfly-patterned crown, symbolizing the soul and the element of wind. She wears a gray inner robe, and a cloak with a blue sky and gray cloud pattern. She has a stoic expression, seemingly frowning, while her left hand is open to the world. In her right hand she holds up her sword with the tip pointing straight up, symbolizing her ability to break through confusion and see the truth.

Beneath the arm of her throne is a head motif, a wind spirit, symbolizing the windy qualities of the Sword deck. In some versions of the card, the Queen of Swords even carries a human head and is a relentless warrior. The base of the Throne again has a butterfly pattern. The Queen of Swords has a bird flying high above her head, symbolizing wisdom and the element of wind. The sky in the background is dark blue with large gray clouds.

The Queen of Swords shows the themes of wisdom and sadness at the same time. On the one hand, she is holding her sword in an unbiased manner, and her justice is the same as that of the sword, which means that she has excellent insight and wisdom, and can see everything that is not clear. She is the most rational and calm of the four queens, with a sharp eye and a witty mind, often with a sharp tongue. She is a fair and impartial Iron Lady, in the battlefield of the female warrior, please do not try to impress her with favors, and do not want to play any ghost ideas, or you will be eaten up and go. Most of the time, she does not easily show her emotions, even if she seems to be friendly on the surface, but inwardly she is absolutely strong and steadfast in her principles.

The Empress represents the Water part of the Wind element: the understanding that comes from the combination of emotions and intellect. She is rational, clear-thinking and patient. The pendant hanging from her left wrist is a suggestion that she must use her sword (mind) to cut through the bonds. Her understanding of life has given her freedom. She is surrounded by many clouds, though her head is at the upper end of the cloud, suggesting that she is able to rise above the emotional ups and downs of life. Her hand calls out to the life ahead of her, and the sword is in her hand at all times to analyze the path of response. This sword of the Empress faces straight upwards, revealing two sections of the blade, for she knows the duality of life.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Queen of Swords has a good gift of gab and is quick and organized. Armed with pen, paper and telephone, she can organize everything from weddings to various ceremonies in less than an afternoon. She loves to read, learn, and because she is so good at using her mind and organizational skills, she excels quite a bit at any job. When you're shopping for a discount on a car or want to hire a great lawyer, it's good to ask her because she has a wide social circle and knows a lot of people. As a researcher, investigator, or manager of a small business, she makes sure that life is smooth but not boring. The butterfly in her crown symbolizes our understanding of change in life as well as our mental capacity. Her stance with the point of her sword facing straight up reveals her to be the most perceptive member of the Sword Deck. The tassel on her left hand is a reminder of the limitations she encounters while in the Eight of Swords state.

She is Asina, the Goddess of War, ready to put on her armor and take to the battlefield to guard and defend. She will eliminate all that stands in the way of the success of her plans. She is the psychologist who helps others analyze their hearts. She is the mentor, leader, encourager & psychoanalyst. Her insight into complex situations is unrivaled because she has both the intuition of the water and the intellect of the wind. She is perceptive and sharp-eyed. She is an excellent communicator and is able to sort out all the confusion. She is usually single and has an independent career and values. This is a strong card representing both wisdom and experience, sadness and loneliness, and is sometimes taken as the spouse or sister of the King of Swords. Somewhat close to the Popeess, it also has similarities to the Justice card. This lady is both strict and eccentric, she likes to act alone and does not like to accept help from others, but she is full of patience and strength, and one day luck will come her way. If you work with her, you will have to put up with a lot.

She is quite a quick thinker, an excellent organizer, and quite a resourceful judge of human nature. She can be a perfectionist. She will give good and wise advice, based on her deep memory of her own painful experiences. This is a woman who likes to talk, and good conversation seems to invigorate her. This could be a card symbolizing Virgo, especially if it comes with the Hermit; or it could represent Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.

She will also help others, so if you want honest advice, you can't go wrong with her. She will calmly analyze the situation for you, tell you the truth to the point and come up with something workable for you, but please don't expect comfort or hugs from her side. She makes a very good judge, lawyer, critic or psychoanalyst. If she is an elder or a supervisor, then she is not very approachable or even a bit strict, but she is absolutely reasonable, calm, organized and by the book, so you will be fine as long as you do your job well.

This card represents a witty, extremely sensitive woman who has her own ideas and thoughts, yet is very elusive. She will appear aloof to him on all levels and is used to observing and pondering from the sidelines. She will examine a person's soul before passing judgment on possible contacts and relationships. The Queen of Swords is such a cool and sensible woman, always isolated from passion and warmth.

This mature woman is a woman who sees through the world, who values the individual and the dignity of being a woman, who cares about the truth and meaning of life, who doesn't like to blindly follow the crowd, and who longs for freedom of spirit. She prefers to keep herself clean, rather than be bound by complicated things, and maintains the idea that she prefers not to have too much, rather than too little, when it comes to her feelings.

The Queen of Swords is a card of contemplation. It may imply the action of applying the mind to the emotions so that the feelings make sense. As an answer to a question, the Queen of Swords suggests success through clear thinking. Now is the time to reflect on your past behavior or current situation. Look closely at those close to you to make sure you don't fall back into a rut. You may want to retreat from life and think about yourself and where you are going.

Her strength is that she stays sane at all times and doesn't get overly emotional. She may have been through thick and thin, and you could gain some life wisdom from her side. If she is a mother, she will be a demanding one, and her children may not get enough affection. On the other hand, the Queen of Swords traditionally represents people who are hurt by love.

If she is your lover, then she will view your relationship with extreme rationality and even want to end it at any time. Because she has been emotionally hurt before, she does not show affection to the opposite sex, and her cold and icy attitude often scares off suitors. Her resolute and cold demeanor seems to say, "Come and try if you dare! I'll slice you to death with a sword." If you want to pursue this iceberg beauty, please think twice and then think again.

The significance of the relationship between the sexes, in terms of a person, the Queen of Swords is a woman who thinks quickly and is also a rather sharp judge of human nature, and she enjoys the company of those who are clever in their thinking. She discovers her partners through conversation and observation of each other's behavior and habits, and develops each relationship carefully. She has a subtle sense of humor, but if you don't listen carefully, you may miss it.

The Queen of Swords may symbolize your cautious approach to gender relationships. For example, you'll want to observe this possible partner for a while before you commit. Past dilemmas have taught you to be careful about commitment and commitment. You are not afraid of being alone, and you don't see yourself being alone.

Suitable careers for this person indicated by the Queen of Swords are teaching, management, business operator or consultant, counseling (closer to an intellectual level), personnel management. She may also enjoy politics, medicine, law, scientific research, publishing, editing/proofreading, or anything that involves using the brain.

Overall, this is a card that is still considered good, with particularly good influences in academic or legal dealings. Financially, there are rational norms for financial operations, and it is not easy to lose or spend too much. Only in interpersonal relationships, it seems to be more passive and indifferent. As for the emotional situation, it is inevitable to feel lonely in your heart.

Core Tip

The sword symbolizes reason and calmness of heart. This queen holding up her sword represents a woman who faces her surroundings with reason and indifference, perhaps because she has experienced adversity in her life and healed her wounds by defending herself. It may also represent a woman who has experienced adversity in her life, and who faces the world with equanimity after a thousand sails.
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Knowledge Expansion

Regardless of its reversed position, the Queen of Swords often represents sadness, separation and celibacy. Practical situations may represent breakups, lost love or missing someone far away.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card may indicate the subject's own way of dealing with emotions, or it may indicate a situation of sadness, where the relationship is currently unfruitful, or the news is distant.
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