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Seven of Swords Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Trying to break out of stereotypical patterns even in the face of more chaotic situations

Card Details:

The reversed Seven of Swords represents that the behavior this character is attempting is going poorly, and that he or she has unfortunately been caught in the act, that is, caught doing something bad, and that the lie and trickery may come out in the open. It's as if the person in the picture has stumbled, failed inadvertently because of an unexpected situation, or else has been prevented from carrying out what he or she was doing privately.

The person in the picture may have been caught stealing the sword without changing his course of action, which is very dangerous. The Seven of Swords inverted means that the original method has failed, and you are still insisting on using the original method despite the change in circumstances. You may be resisting ways to improve your situation. In order to give yourself more options, you should learn more about other ways of dealing with the situation. Holding on to old ways may be limiting your development and your vitality. Ask others for their opinions, which will give you new light in your insight into the situation.

There may be words or thoughts (Sword) that may be thrust into your heart now, as if your harsh words in the past have also stung others deeply. Perhaps self-criticism is keeping you from (and preventing you from) opening yourself up to others. The Six of Swords returning to its proper position will isolate situations that are not likely to cause you pain, and you will thus be able to gather ideas and methods for a better solution when the situation resurfaces.

Card meanings deduced:

The reversed Seven of Swords also represents sage advice and earnest counsel, which advances and counsel are ignored, unclear advice and counsel that turns out to be useless. And things are going badly, due to the misalignment of the sword, which represents nonsense and gibberish, and sometimes misunderstandings and arguments, or even underhanded slander and libel.

The execution of your plans will not go smoothly because they go wrong or don't work at all. Otherwise, one's own carelessness or lack of precision may cause failure. It is unrealistic to think too well of a situation when it is not. Or, it means that you are not very skillful, so you can't succeed in your plan. In any case, one is caught and loses, and one's plans are not realized and one fails to achieve anything. For example, if you are caught cheating, you will feel remorseful and regretful, and it is hard to describe the feeling of regret.

The reversed Seven of Swords could be suggesting that you are using an outdated approach to things. It's time to listen to others, as someone may offer the advice you need. What's needed is a radically different attitude if you want to reach your goals. Doing the same thing usually produces the same results. If you don't want the results you are currently getting, then change your attitude!

Outdated methods and attitudes are hindering your progress. Refusing to adapt may cause you to regress back to the Six of Swords in positive position and return to a period of introspective contemplation. At this time you may discover ways to choose your circumstances. In the card of gender relationships, the Seven of Swords in reverse may be suggesting that two people are not being honest with each other, and that they are trying to maintain a superficial peace by avoiding issues and dodging them, but that this can lead to increasing hypocrisy and miscommunication.

The reversed Seven of Swords refers to the fear of being cheated and restricting financial development. Perhaps you've made a small fortune from real estate and it's time to put some of that money into the stock market. When there is this reversed Seven of Swords in the deck, you may stick to the methods that you have already tried as well as those that you trust and not want to explore other options. It's advisable to think more about other viable financial opportunities before you make any decisions.

The Seven of Swords reversed may also suggest deception or self-deception. Self-deception can narrow your perceptions, and the result can affect the choices you make when dealing with things. In other words, don't cling to your old ways of thinking, doing or feeling about things.

Perhaps you're clinging to an irrational belief about life, while lying to yourself that things have always worked out just fine. One of the Sword's approaches to life is: if you don't like the world, change your mind - and the world will change in response to your wishes.

Core Tip

The reversal of seven in the Tarot has a common meaning: don't hold back.
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Knowledge Expansion

Weart gives the Seven of Swords inverted position the following interpretations: advice, deliberation, guidance, slander, nonsense.
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Card Meaning Extension

Encountering the Seven of Swords usually means that the person concerned is no longer alone, but at least there is someone around to offer advice.
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