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Seven of Swords Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

An alternative approach, a new method is needed if you want to succeed

Detail of the deck of cards:

The man in the picture is in a barracks and stealthily steals five swords, leaving two in their place, while the distant enemy cooks without defense. It's possible that this is just a random theft. Or it could be a way to increase the chances of self-survival by stealing the enemy's armor. Using this sneaky way, and worrying about the horrible enemy he had to face, it all meant that he had not given up. He refuses to surrender, so he does anything that might turn the situation around while there is still time.

In the morning, the owner of these swords intends to use them to kill the man in the picture, yet he hasn't given up yet. He was a man of poverty and change. He is searching for a way to achieve his goal of survival.

The man in Seven of Swords is a bit of a movie lone ranger, who does everything from thinking up plans to implementing them, and has very little to do with the rest of the world. This approach to life may work, but it doesn't always work. If the Seven of Swords is drawn, perhaps the man in question should examine whether his usual ways of dealing with the world still apply.

The man is alone and unrelenting, tiptoeing away from the colorful army tent that symbolizes society and the crowd, so the Seven of Swords has the meaning of isolation. The same theme of being outnumbered, in the Seven of Sceptres, the terrain is favorable to the protagonist, but in the Seven of Swords, this is not the case. His strength is limited, so he is unable to engage the enemy in an open and honest way, but can only sneak around in such a fraudulent and cunning way, attempting to diminish the enemy's combat power. The two swords left behind him because he couldn't move them symbolized that this attempt had its own dangers, and in case something happened to him in the east, he might suffer a gruesome end. However, it is worth noting that he is not deterred by the difficulty, but rather, he embraces hope and strives for survival, showing his inner confidence, which we can also see in his expression.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The background of the Seven of Swords is a vivid yellow color, representing positivity and light. Also, from the face of the card and the expression on the man's face, it looks as if it has been successful, but this is not the case. The two swords behind the man warn us that this move is dangerous, and even if it is successful, it may not be complete, because as long as one sword is left for the enemy, damage cannot be avoided. So the Seven of Swords basically means to do something difficult, and to succeed it must take a great deal of effort. Still, we should not give up hope. In his book, Witte says that the Seven of Swords represents "schemes, attempts, wishes, and hopes; it also represents quarrels, plans that may fail, and things that trouble people". Although there are negative connotations, the positive ones are still there. A plan that "may fail" is not the same as a plan that "fails". Success is still possible as long as you have hope and work hard.

The card suggests that the querent is trying to escape from an unpleasant situation which may cause him to lose money or face. If the querent is willing to face the situation bravely, he should use his intelligence and social skills to remedy the situation. This card also alerts the querent to the possibility of betrayal or deception. Also, this card can sometimes indicate dishonest behavior on the part of the querent.

This is a card about using one's own strength to achieve one's goals. Through detailed planning and determination to not give up, you can get more. For example, if you are currently working on something important, reason will provide a solution that will save you the trouble.

This Seven suggests that by carefully evaluating the possibilities, you will be able to find an effective solution. Some of the greatest inventions in history have been the result of people being able to think differently about things. Thinking "outside the box" can sometimes lead you to unexpected destinations.

The Seven of Swords announces a period of flexibility to reach your financial goals. It could also suggest financial theft or fraud. If you're inquiring about financial investments, the Seven of Swords means you need to be more careful in monitoring this investment program before giving any money.

Further, the Seven of Swords often represents deception, cunning, betrayal or trickery. The person in question may be the one who lies or the one who is deceived. If it is the lying party, be sure to think twice. If it is the deceived party, be very careful.

The Seven of Swords is not exactly a positive card when analyzed in terms of gender relations. It speaks of dishonesty and, assuming it comes next to the Three of Cups, it may suggest a triangular relationship where, for example, one of the people may be having an affair.

The card may also suggest that a new approach to an existing relationship may give you the rewards you seek. Don't give up on your relationship, find a new way to achieve your goals.

The message of the Seven of Swords is: don't give up. Find another way to reach your goals. Sit down and examine all your options. Play some mind games with this challenge in order to discover previously unforeseen possibilities. You certainly still have time to accomplish what you want, yet you need to be more flexible in your approach.

Simply put, if you don't get what you want back, then do something different. Different ways of combining various actions have the potential to bring about different results. The Seven of Swords is also a card of secrets, hidden motives and dishonesty.

For example, Gary was going to invest in a deal and there was a Seven of Swords among the cards lined up. I warned him to check the business very closely before investing his money. Later he confirmed my suspicions. Because the owner had not been honest about the success of the business, one of the senior managers had taken half a million dollars of the company's money without warning, just a month after Gary had examined the investment plan.

Core Tip

The Seven of Swords means not to give up spiritually. This is the time to look for alternative ways to deal with the problem at hand.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Seven of Swords represents an independent worker who takes care of everything, perhaps a little mysterious, and relatively less cooperative and cooperative.
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Card Meaning Extension

All the sevens in the Tarot have a common meaning: don't give up.
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