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Ten of Swords Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

The worst is over, stand up and shake off the old beliefs!

Card Details:

The reversed position of the Ten of Swords makes it seem as if the man stabbed by the sword in the picture has fought his way up from the ground, at which point he may have had the opportunity to shake the sword off and hold on for a while longer, perhaps not avoiding death but still fighting. This is like exchanging and sacrificing to get what one wants to achieve. Struggling to survive in this way, regardless of the consequences, with hope and attachment, you can tell that there is a persistence that cannot be let go.

A person who has been seriously injured stands up and struggles on, but he is also able to fight for a slight chance. In event divination, it means that there is a "silver lining". Although there is little hope for success, there is still a single hope that exists.

If you look at the cards upside down, the ten swords that are stuck in the man's body will probably fall down, and the damage will not be so great. At this point the man may have escaped with his life, but he is still not immune to the pain of the process. Every event, good or bad, has meaning. The crux of the ten swords appearing is how to learn from failure and grow from pain, which is the ultimate meaning of the sword.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The reversed Ten of Swords implies a temporary respite from a difficult time, and you should wisely use this opportunity to make a real change in yourself or your situation. If you don't plot a change, the situation will go back to the way it was before, but rather this card will still appear in an upright position in your analysis. This is not a time to let up, but to make real changes.

The condition of the Ten of Swords inverted is at least an improvement, sometimes it will be a matter of benefiting or getting benefits, or adding strength and holding more power. This is due to competitive victories and the ensuing gains, and even though these are usually a temporary possession, a momentary success, an instantaneous advantage, they are also especially valuable in adversity, and can be utilized to prolong this fleeting advantage and transform it into a sustained upward movement.

When the cards are reversed, it means that you have reached rock bottom, nothing is going to improve automatically, and now is the time for you to step away and set off in a brand new direction.

The Ten of Swords Reversed suggests a return to the Nine of Swords in positive position, so that you can notice your own intuition through your dreams. It means that the worst is over, however you need to get up and shake off those old beliefs (the sword) and then you can move forward. The Ten of Swords in reverse means you are limited by your thoughts.

Difficult times are behind you now, but you're still clinging to your fears and outdated attitudes about life. Sometimes the reversed Ten of Swords is repressing the behavior of your fears during the day, and it's only when you revert back to the positive Nine of Swords at night that you have to face them in your dreams. This pressure can't be seen as negative; it may force you to clear your mind and renew old and negative beliefs.

With the Ten of Swords in reverse, you've just come through a difficult phase, and you need to return to the Nine of Swords in positive position in order to focus on your intuition through your dreams. Perhaps your dreams are urging you to make changes in your life, or you are suffering from insomnia, and poor sleep can lead to a lack of vitality and result in chronic sleepiness.

The reversed Ten of Swords means that the worst is behind you and that your financial situation will improve once you shake off old thinking and plan your finances. It may take a while to pay off debts and rebuild your financial structure, but it's a good time to put it to good use and mentally prepare for future financial challenges. Sometimes the reversed Ten of Swords could be describing poor form and therefore limiting your ability to earn a living.

Core Tip

The Ten of Swords is reversed, which Vetter interprets as: advantageous, profitable, successful, but not lasting.
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Knowledge Expansion

Since the injuries are grievous, even if they are saved, it will take some time to heal, both mentally and physically; it is a long process that requires patience.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Ten of Swords inverted sometimes indicates damage that is difficult to remedy, leaving behind a legacy or an injury that has accumulated over time.
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