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Ten of Swords Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Lingering pain, the end of a situation before another begins

Card Details:

A prone man with ten swords stuck in his back, one even through his ear. The image is truly frightening. The sky is pitch black, with only a hint of light, symbolizing sunrise, hidden in the distance. The pool of water was as still as glass, and there was no one around. Half of the deck was taken up by the black sky and dark clouds, suggesting that the Ten of Swords was the so-called "bad card" that everyone avoided.

At this point he could no longer count the number of swords on his back, because he was at the lowest point of his life and was firmly nailed to the ground. His beliefs in life have driven him to the brink, yet they remain hidden. By examining the circumstances that have led him to his predicament, he may be able to clarify his beliefs or gain a better understanding of himself.

The Ten of Swords usually has a very negative connotation, including misery, sadness, pain, closure, failure, and just about any unpleasant word you can think of. The man on the face of the card is not only dying, but he is also dying a horrible death by being stabbed by the ten swords. Since the sword has two edges, one sword is enough to kill a man, so why would he need ten? Moreover, the man was stabbed to death from the back, and most likely did not even have a chance to fight back.

The image of the man being nailed to the ground by ten swords suggests that you may be subject to certain limitations and may not be able to move freely or make free choices. This is a dark period in life, however, good and bad are not absolute. The red robe draped over the man symbolizes his zeal for life, and the fact that the light has dawned in the distance seems to tell us that this is just the darkness before the dawn. The water in the river is calm and unruffled, a far cry from the raging waves of Sword II and Sword VI. Maybe things aren't as bad as they seem. Without death, how can there be new life? As long as one survives this, one can become a butterfly that breaks out of its cocoon and flutters. Ten of Swords offers us a chance to let go of the unwanted things in our lives, having prepared for a better future.

Card meanings deduction:

This card suggests that in some way you have reached your lowest moment, but the faint sunlight in the distance suggests that trailing this hard time will be something new as well as better. Your thoughts or beliefs about life have led you to where you are at the moment, and from here, your thoughts will lead you wherever you think you can go.

It may help you to take a break from your material circumstances, your beliefs about life, so that you can examine them in giant detail. You may also be tripping over useless things, or beliefs that are destructive to life.

Often, in these low moments, you try to hold on to things and attitudes that you normally discard. Separating yourself from these things sounds simple in theory, but it can be very dangerous to do, both in real life and in the imagination. What is taught here is to surrender and allow change to take place.

The night is fading as the dawn is approaching, which means that life will gradually improve from its low points. Some analysts like to gloss over this card because it is too scary in its intent, but that is not fair to the questioner. If the inquirer is already in the worst situation, it is more important to understand it. And assuming that the worst is yet to come, and the questioners need to be forewarned, then perhaps they can prepare themselves before the harsh winter comes. Winter will pass, and it is important to tell the questioner how and when they can expect spring.

The Ten of Swords could represent the loss of a job, the end of a relationship, or suddenly feeling overwhelmed by life, so one can expect feelings of exhaustion and confusion in terms of physical and mental state. While this will undoubtedly be a difficult time, the good news is that it will eventually pass.

The Ten of Swords represents the end of a situation or the failure of an endeavor. Something in your life has come to an end and accepting this fact helps new things to replace the old. It's time to plan how to rebuild and sustain the things you hold dear for the future.

In emotional matters, the Ten of Swords can represent the end of an entire relationship or the end of a phase in a relationship. For example, when a baby is born, the interaction between only two people ends with the birth of the baby and transforms into a new relationship that includes another person. Sometimes the Ten of Swords also refers to the low period before a breakup. The Ten of Swords shows that the damage has already been done and there is no way to undo it. But you can still be thankful that the conflict or issue is finally over, even if the ending was not one you were happy about.

The Ten of Swords in positive position suggests that some part of the querent's life will come to an end, such as a certain habit or orientation, or a relationship, and of course, with it comes worry, pain, and the only way out of it is to pick up the pieces and learn from the pain. Often times, the Ten of Swords represents a painful end to a relationship, marriage or career. In the case of finances, it means that the financial situation is destroyed or collapsed in some way.

Here's an example: when Ike Mai was planning to file for bankruptcy, he came in for analysis. Despite seventeen years as a successful small trader, the Eckmay family grocery business was still no match for the competition from the large shopping centers and was forced to close its doors. He barely lasted twelve months, but was in debt before the closing. The Ten of Swords appears in the Present position, suggesting that Acme was at the lowest point in his career. The presence of the Three of Swords in the Result position suggests that new financial opportunities await him in the future.

In this case, if the Ten of Swords is in the Outcome position, place a replacement card next to it. The complementary card is usually positive, bringing new hope and a reminder that winter won't last long.

Core Tip

The Ten of Swords represents the worst possible situation in a situation, usually it is an indication that something has reached a tipping point of depletion or collapse before you give it your attention.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Ten of Swords appears in the position of Advice in the spread, indicating that you should accept wholeheartedly the failures, troubles, conflicts, or adversities you have encountered, and that they are now over, while you can start anew.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Ten of each deck represents a condition of "excess" in that deck: the Ten of Scepters is overwhelmed by too many responsibilities, the Ten of Cups has everyone overflowing with happiness, the Ten of Coins has a life of abundance but a lack of emotional connection, and the Ten of Swords shows the consequences of the misuse of the traits of the Sword.
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