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Three of Swords Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Unwillingness to accept help from others, Thus making it difficult to heal

Card Details:

The picture of the reversed position still shows these three swords piercing from different places, representing injuries from different places, but all piercing to the point of vitality and focusing from the outside to the inside, meeting at the deepest part of the heart, except that the reversed card has the meaning of healing. The Three of Swords is the card of psychological trauma, which can also be a form of healing, and in the reversed position it especially refers to psychological healing, showing that after having been hurt, the wound is now healing or scarring.

The scars of past wounds still have a subtle underlying effect, a sense of loss, a sense that something may have been lost, a sense of despondency in the heart. Therefore, there is still a sense of alienation in your relationships. Although you can pretend that nothing bad happened in the past, and that you can compromise with each other and meet peacefully, the memories and resentment are still there.

Even though they are restored, the state of mind is still somewhat altered. At this point, the mind is already scattered, unable to concentrate on facing the reality level, and using a kind of isolation effect to avoid the pain in the heart. Burying some of the unpleasant memories. It is also possible to fall into emotional disorders, or anxiety and confusion, restlessness.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The reversed position still has the meaning of the positive position, but with a couple of possible additional meanings: first, it is the other person who is grieving. Second, it's time to heal, but the person is still drowning in grief and is unwilling to accept help from others, thus making it difficult to heal. Third, the sadness is not as severe as in the positive position. Weart points out that the Three of Swords inverted may indicate 'psychological isolation', which perhaps justifies the second interpretation, as shutting oneself off, as being blind to the help offered by others.

The querent's mood will be one of grief, possibly due to the end of a relationship or betrayal, and if the querent is willing to admit his or her grief and fix what is wrong with him or her, things will soon become clearer.

The Three of Swords inverted means that the suppression of pain has led to a state of fear, dread, or depression. In order to rejuvenate, the pain of the past must now be examined and released. You can't dwell on pain for too long; you should face it with courage and try to banish it. The pain of the past requires you to go back and overcome it, but in doing so, you have to suppress your emotions. In order to regain deep peace, you must quickly detach from these feelings of sadness. Perhaps a return to the orthogonal Two of Swords is needed so that you can choose a proper path and have a better life.

When this card is reversed, it means that you have similar pain, but this time you will resist your feelings. The strength needed to deny or suppress pain and loss must come from somewhere, and usually from the strength you use to make a living. The greater this pain, the more power there is to use to suppress it, and the remaining power you have left becomes minimal.

The reversed Three of Swords in the analysis of a gender relationship may be emphasizing the unresolved pain of the past, the pain of your inability to be fulfilled in the present situation, and this past may refer to the past in this present relationship, or an earlier gender relationship. In order to protect yourself from further hurt, you may be emotionally distancing yourself from those close to you.

The reversed Three of Swords means that past financial losses so far linger. This painful or lingering feeling of dissatisfaction may make you more acutely aware of the results of hasty decisions, and this disappointment may also cloud your thoughts and make you less hopeful about financial gains. If your current situation is a repeat of your previous state, you should think twice before acting.

The Three of Swords inverted could mean that your current endeavors are overshadowed by the pain of the past. Perhaps you felt overwhelmed by your emotions at the time and the only way to cope was to suppress them. This may have worked at the time, but it's time to find out what else to do, which is to find a more appropriate way of dealing with those painful emotions, or else the ones that haven't been unblocked will always be waiting for you.

Core Tip

The reversal of the Three of Swords indicates an inability to accept pain or hurt, and what it tells us is a tendency to repress pain, or to avoid occasions that might cause any painful memories.
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Knowledge Expansion

Sometimes it represents a further subsequent irritation, or a second injury, as if salt had been rubbed into a wound, a scene of hurt and a feeling of loss.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card can also represent a nun or other religious person or a monk, perhaps it is related to seeking religious support after seeing the world.
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