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Three of Swords Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Sadness is inevitable, please accept your pain and grief

Card Details:

The Three of Swords depicts a heart being pierced through by three crossed swords, while a storm rages in the background. The heart is bright red and contrasts strongly with the gray clouds. The picture that comes to mind is a distressing one, and even those who have no previous experience with tarot cards can easily recognize the meaning of the Three of Swords - sadness. The Three of Swords suggests sadness, loss and grief. Despair and disappointment usually accompany this card. Some people feel that this card speaks too nakedly, but we have all experienced sadness and pain at some point in our lives, and this can lead to maturity, compassion and acceptance of others.

However, the Three of Swords maintains a certain harmony in the midst of chaos, notice how the three swords form a symmetrical pattern. The subject of this card is 'accept your grief and be at peace with it'. Grief is necessary, and grief leads to growth, so please don't reject it, just accept it and experience it, and it will be transformed into a force for growth.

These three swords are in conflict with each other, meaning that it is impossible to understand the situation at this stage. When experiencing such deep, debilitating pain, we always ask, "Why?" And when the Three of Swords appears, we usually choose to run away. On the contrary, if you stand firm in your mind and accept the pain, the pain will subside. Although it may feel like years when you are in the center of an emotional storm, the pain will pass. The next step is to find out what is causing the pain.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Three of Swords represents that you are intensely experiencing this period of grief and loss. Confusion, grief, and heaviness within are evident when this card appears, and it indicates intense disappointment. But know this: it's important to experience your grief, because in doing so, you're also clearing away obstacles so that upcoming opportunities can approach you. Remember, grief passes.

This is saying that a bit of a storm is inevitable in everyone's life. This card describes an emotional storm that sets off pain, loss, sadness and disappointment. While the causes may vary greatly, emotional setbacks are universal. From a child losing her Bugs Bunny toy to an entrepreneur with an out-of-control financial picture, disappointment has come at us unexpectedly at one point or another. For some, the emotional surprise is fleeting, but for others it has a long-term effect.

As painful as it is, we need to see through the illusion of pain. The three swords overriding the empty heart tells us that we need to think deeper again for liberation and deeper awakening, that the three swords are just a trial and that this heart can be a false pretense rather than our true mind. With an attitude of bearing and acceptance, to dissolve the sword becomes a beautifully thought perception.

In addition to grief, the Three of Swords denotes loss, isolation, pain, and separation. There are many causes of grief, perhaps the departure of a lover or the betrayal of a close friend. However, in contrast to the Six of Swords, the Three of Swords only honestly describes what heartbreak looks like, but not the process of healing, which means that the person may be emotionally wounded, but unable to look away, unable to let go, and indulging in self-pity and self-injury, which leads to a delay in the wound's healing.

The Three of Swords describes pain and injury in gender relations. It reveals what could almost be described as an overwhelming loss and grief. Just remember that this will pass and it is important to experience it honestly and not repress it.

In matters of money, this Three of Swords means serious financial loss or disillusionment in the workplace. It's possible that you feel you should have gotten a promotion and it didn't happen, or that you got a result without warning.

Sylvia drew the Three of Swords when she was divining about a real estate issue, and this card describes the loss she felt when the house Sylvia wanted was bought by another buyer. For Sylvia, the house represented the life she had dreamed of, and losing it meant that her dreams were lost. Sylvia may look for another house, but the presence of the Three of Swords in the pattern indicates that she is saddened by her disappointment.

Core Tip

Disillusionment is the beginning of growth. The subject of the Three of Swords is about acceptance and letting go, not having to repress grief or wallow in it too much. Accepting the help and care given by those around you can keep you from taking the bull by the horns.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card can also indicate the phenomenon of transference, including intangible shifts of attention, as well as specific events such as transfers and relocations. Often there is also the possibility of encountering unfavorable situations such as delays or lack.
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Card Meaning Extension

If it appears in the position of advice, it is actually advising you to have a complete pain if you want one, not to repress the sadness, and to put things to rest once and for all, sadness has its role to play. Other meanings of the Three of Swords are delay, absence or leave of absence.
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