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Two of Swords Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Use reason and rational thinking to get rid of the emotional entanglements in every choice!

Card Details:

The reversal of the Two of Swords has caused a change in the tightness of the original picture, so there are many situations that can occur. The woman has left the stone chair, and of course has removed the sword from her hand, and the cloth over her eyes has of course come off. This can mean that the doubts in her mind have been answered, or that she has found an outlet for balanced peace, and that she has made a choice in her mind. The blindfold and body armor are now disarmed. It also symbolizes that the person has now given up their obsession and doesn't want to argue with the world anymore, and is able to move on quickly. The Two of Swords reversed represents that the person is better able to make a decision, break the deadlock, end the tension and stop resisting.

However, as the sea and the reef move upwards, the water on the card resides above the Swords, and hidden lies and frauds may surface, so harmony and peace are still not easy to come by for the time being. Ideas tend to be clouded by dark emotions, so it's time to look at the attitudes or ideas you've been avoiding one by one. By clarifying what you've been avoiding, you'll be free to return to the Head of Swords and find a clear, actionable option.

Card meanings are deduced:

Emotions, fears or resentments can't be suppressed forever if they remain evasive and not confronted, thoughts or oppressive fears step by step take over, usually these fears are unprovoked or detached from reality. You struggle with options that have to do with emotions but are unattractive, and hanging on to emotionally unavailable choices may be draining your energy.

The harder you look for the right choice, the more opportunities for choice will present themselves, and this card represents your attempts to control or rationalize your emotions by thinking them through. It is quite important to feel and recognize your emotions before they can settle down. As you become more and more aware of your feelings, the more you understand both your situation and yourself.

Now there are two or more choices, and none of them are particularly important or appealing. Perhaps betting on both sides has broken up your focus. If you want to pursue another goal, you'll have to let go of that choice. Returning to the upright Head of Swords will provide you with the opportunity to use your reason to cut through the hopes and fears that surround each choice so that you can make the best decision for a good return.

For example, in the three years that Ann has been coming to me for a reading, she and her partner have not been getting along well. Whenever I suggested that she take some time to feel what she needed, she always cited a long list of possible choices and unrealistic or unwise reasons for each. When she struggled to get to a decision, she didn't take her feelings into account, and the mind presented a myriad of options, but few with real possibilities. She's spent three years thinking about her gender relationship and still can't find a cure for it.

Avoiding reality is not a good way to solve problems, using reason and rational thinking to get rid of the emotional entanglements in each choice and letting go of the obsessions, the truth of the matter with only emerge.

Core Tip

The asker is caught in a dilemma, which may be due to the fact that the goal is difficult to achieve. The only solution is for the seeker to overcome the fear of the difficulty ahead.
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Knowledge Expansion

The reversed Two of Swords means that you really only have one practicable option right now, so make your decision with the understanding that you have to take your feelings and reason together.
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Card Meaning Extension

From the perspective of daily life, the reversed Two of Swords indicates emotional upset caused by hesitation and unawareness.
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