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Two of Swords Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Make a decision, right or wrong, don't try to avoid it!

Card Details:

A woman in a light gray robe sits on a gray stone bench, her back to the surging, reef-strewn ocean separating her from the land, and it is night. Her eyes are covered with white cloth, and she holds her swords in both hands, crossed motionless over her chest. The two swords extend outward at an inclined angle, and calm, unruffled water (representing feelings, emotions) separates her from the hill behind her, while a stringed moon radiates above her head. The yellow moon matches her shoes; the only strong colors in this card are the yellow of the moon and the shoes, representing talent and imagination. Each sword represents a choice, and she does not get emotional in evaluating her choices.

The two swords are crossed over her chest to protect her from painful feelings, and the clothes on her body, like the stone bench, are gray, suggesting growing emotional indifference as he refuses to face another element of its pain. If you don't let anything get to you, nothing can hurt you. Her blindfold is tied on by herself, as her hands are free, and if she decides to remove it, she can do so naturally.

The water behind the woman represents feelings, and not only does she turn her back on them, but she also blindfolds herself, showing total avoidance and confusion. This is like a cover-up, in fact, behind the rough sea, dense reefs and changing crescent moon, has long been completely revealed her inner feelings, but she chose to blindfolded, back not to see. Often, we are just like the second sword of this woman in general, in fact, the truth was there, but we choose not to see, even if someone told us, we will even be dead duck mouth hard, fight to the death do not admit it. The Two of Swords is also a card of decision, indicating that the person concerned cannot make a decision, or even refuses to make a decision.

Card Meaning Deduction:

She holds her sword in both hands, not with both swords parallel to each other, but crossed over her chest in a gesture of resistance. What is she defending? What is she resisting? Crossing her arms in front of her chest is the same as crossing her arms in front of her heart, which means that she has a closed heart. No matter who or what she encounters, she will always cross her arms and say no loudly! She would rather deny everything than open her heart.

As the woman sits still, the two swords also stand still, facing each other, forming a stalemate. These two swords are like two forces that have been facing each other for a long time, but nothing has happened, and no one has been the first to break the silence. Thus, the Two of Swords often indicates a stalemate, a standoff and a cold war, a sort of "balance of terror" and "false peace" in which two people have great kung fu but no one makes the first move.

There is a mixture of anger and fear in this card. The Swords are ready and poised to attack what threatens her, while the Eye Shield represents her attempts to hide and not face the cause or the truth of what frightens her. She has retreated from her life and is waiting for these things to calm down. Rather than cause more serious commotion, she prefers boredom and stagnation.

The truth is that things have calmed down and the only turmoil left is in her mind and heart. This card recounts the action of withdrawing from life in order to understand which emotions make sense. Fear of the outside world may be unjustified, and the only way to know for sure is to remove the blindfold and see for yourself.

It's a choice of two or one, and perhaps at this stage in your life, you don't have enough insight into what the choices you make will produce. You are making decisions without thinking through your circumstances or, alternatively, you are not considering what the outcome of your choices will be.

The Two of Swords suggests a period of withdrawal from relationships, in order to clarify your feelings about things. Perhaps you've been hurt in a relationship and it will take some time to heal and learn from the experience before you return to normal life. Sometimes this card is suggesting a choice between two relationship opportunities or deciding how close you are prepared to let your partner get to you. If this decision you make can be combined with thinking (Swords) and feeling (Water), then it will be much more effective.

A good example: Ms. Lee's friend told her that her husband was having an affair, Ms. Lee did not believe it, but also scolded her friend, and when she got home, she found her husband's collar with a lipstick, and comforted herself by saying that it was only accidentally stained. On the one hand, to escape reality, on the one hand, and the heart of the contradiction, such a mentality, it is the sword two portraits.

The sword is heavy, the woman holding the sword sitting here for an unknown period of time, her arms, shoulders in the long-term tension, is bound to be sore, she seriously repressed emotions, but also easy to affect the health. The second sword reminds us to be honest with our inner feelings. Whatever it is, accept it, don't run away from it; and relax, don't resist it. Remove the blindfold and put the sword down, things are not really that difficult.

Core Tip

From a daily life perspective, the Two of Swords means that you need to make a decision or choose between two options (two swords).
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Knowledge Expansion

Face your fears head on so that you can realize what things around you mean to you. The rewards of a good decision are waiting for you, and the first reward is the sense of relief that comes from being able to lock into a direction.
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Card Meaning Extension

The water behind the card suggests emotional instability that can be resolved within herself. Sometimes the Two of Swords represents the avoidance of certain special topics and occasions because they conjure up certain unresolved fears.
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