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Ace of Wands Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Stay mentally clear and alive, don't be limited by specific ideas

Card Details

The reversed Ace of Scepters is the imagery of the scepter growing downward, representing power applied in the wrong direction, resulting in wasted effort and diminished energy. But growing downwards also means becoming rooted, a great opportunity to take root and learn more, and the other side of the coin is just as valuable. It is slightly different in meaning from the orthogonal first card, still suggesting that this is a time to embark on a new program, and then the process will be slightly slower than with the orthogonal first card.

When this card is in reverse position, the picture shows the thumb pointing downwards, which represents not being recognized. Also because the picture also has the castle on the hill no longer firm, a detraction and hesitation of the set goal. And the river in reverse position represents a confusion of emotions, thoughts, and feelings, resulting in a lack of willpower and a weak sense of self, which can easily lead to distress at this time.

Card Meaning Deduction

The point of this card is to finish the plans that are still unfinished before you want to try a new program. At the moment, perhaps your energies have been drained by other cases and there are many more priorities to attend to in those cases before you move on. You need to return to the subject of the Ten of Scepters (a card that represents responsibility and multiple goals) and delegate your responsibilities before continuing on.

This card suggests that when you encounter opposition from others, you become fidgety, agitated, distracted, and impatient. This is the time to go for a walk and let off some energy as well as get away from situations that are harmful to you. You're at a low ebb due to scattered energy or too much to cope with in a limited amount of time.

The inversion of the Head of Scepter could also mean that the desired outcome is delayed by having too much unmanageable energy. It could mean that your energy & enthusiasm needs to be disciplined, otherwise you will be undertaking many programs and accomplishing very few indeed.

The First Card of the Scepter reversed indicates that this new action has a greater side of failure, with the possibility of difficulty or delay. Selfishness, lack of planning or determination may cause obstacles. The Head of Scepter reversed reminds you to look at areas you may have overlooked in order to improve your chances of success. It may be necessary to carefully consider whether this action or opportunity should be carried out or not.

Core Tip

The inverted First Card of the Scepter advises you to hold off on your plans for a while; it implies that the situation ahead has to be resolved before new attempts can be realized.
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Knowledge Expansion

Another meaning of the First Card Inverted is to delay the end of a travel program or trip. For example, you may have recently returned from a trip, and the First Card Inverted means that your life is settling down again.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card represents a slowdown in upward mobility, a loss of enthusiasm, a loss of charisma, and a decline. It is easy to cause weak willpower, weak self-consciousness, feeling of emptiness, and easy to fall into distress.
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