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Ace of Wands Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

This is a good start, let go and be brave!

Card Details

A hand reaches out from the clouds, strong and powerful, holding a scepter full of green leaves. The scepter is so lush that the fresh green leaves almost 'burst' from the scepter, with eight leaves detaching from the scepter and flying through the air. Grass and streams flowed everywhere. The castle in the distance seems to suggest the possibility of future success.

The scepter is painted as a living, growing being, and the castle in the background indicates a destination. The scepter is drawn as a living form, reflecting the vigor and enthusiasm with which the scepter type confronts a variety of everyday matters. On the cards, the clear sky shows this moment in time, and your purpose is filled with clear light. The First of Scepters card is not asking you to think or feel, but to do. It can indicate a time of strength, power, and an abundance of sexual and physical energy. It is a card that represents traveling and movement, and often indicates a love of life.

Card Meaning Deduction

Whether major or minor, all Ones represent a new beginning, and the First Card of the Scepter usually represents the beginning of a program or action. The Scepter is full of creativity and enthusiasm, and is full of unending energy that can inspire people to reach their potential. The First of Scepters is like a spark that can burn across the prairie or go out, but regardless of its future, the potential is always there. In some cases, the First of Scepters can even indicate the arrival of new life.

If you have recently had a new plan, a new idea, a new action, or a new direction, the appearance of the First Card of the Scepter indicates a bright future and you can boldly go for it. Please bring out your creativity and enthusiasm, give it all you've got, realize your ambitions, and don't let down the adventurous spirit in your heart. If you've wanted to do something before, but were hesitant to do it, the First of Scepter offers a good opportunity to realize your dream.

The Ace of Scepters symbolizes a strong start to a project, representing the desire, strength and courage for a new plan. This card introduces action that has already begun and is sure to produce concrete results, quite different from what is done on paper.

The Head of Scepter is the source of the Fire element, like a spark whose future is unpredictable. However, the power of the spark can be infinite, and when there is action, there is hope, so do not waste time. When the First of Scepters is present, the person may feel inspired in some way, perhaps a sudden inspiration, a desire to achieve something, or an urge to do something about it right away, and recognizing these new feelings can lead to opportunities and growth. The First of Scepter may also represent a new opportunity, and whether successful or not, giving up is the least wise choice.

Core Tip

In ordinary times, the First Card of the Scepter denotes the energy and desire to practice a plan, symbolizing the beginning of a program or a journey, or a new phase of an extant form.
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Knowledge Expansion

When the Head of Scepter appears in a deck of cards, there are few limitations. When the trumps appear to take action, they do not represent any plans and decisions, but rather the specific act of launching something new.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Scepter type grows and thrives on goals and challenges, pursuing potential victories with fervor. And there is a sense of purpose in pursuing worthy goals.
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