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Eight of Wands Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Power is scattered and not focused in the right direction

Card Details

The reversal of the Eight of Scepters indicates a bad action, showing in the picture that the eight scepters are not going in the right direction anymore, and will not reach the expected landing point, indicating an inability to reach the goal. The power is scattered away or weakened, and ultimately there is an inability to achieve results.

When this card is reversed, there will be a slight delay in your plans or travels, but not significant enough to diminish your freedom, as the skies remain clear. When this card is reversed, we see the image of the land over the eight scepters, which means you need to be more practical. Perhaps you should wait until you have raised enough funds to go on a trip.

Card Meaning Deduction

Often the Eight of Scepters reversed is describing that life comes to a calm phase of peace and quiet. Such moments seem to be slow long days for active Scepter types and curious Sword types, but creative Chalice types and pragmatic Pentacle types would enjoy such a phase. The Eight of Scepters in reverse means a return to the Seven of Scepters in square, and you need to go about fulfilling your duties and obligations.

When reversed, the Eight of Scepters signifies that there is no land where Fire can gain a foothold, or where Fire's fervor can be directed toward an actual outcome. It represents a situation where the desired end is not reached. Fire (enthusiasm) has no earth (practicality) and predictable plans cannot be realized - enthusiasm alone is not enough.

When the card is reversed, it suggests that you have not yet learned the subject of the previous card. In this case, you have not yet mastered the subject matter contained in the Seven of Scepters, and the Eight of Scepters is reversed to suggest that you must return to the Seven of Scepters to understand the meaning of indomitable.

The reversed Eight of Scepter symbolizes delay, as if unresolved obstacles (from the Seven of Scepter) are resurfacing and slowing you down. Returning to the Seven of Scepters (Indomitable), you can overcome those problems or challenges and find your way to the upright Eight of Scepters.

This card reversed is prone to setbacks, often hitting a wall because you were caught off guard and your resources were not well organized. Often it is a case of wanting to be quicker than you can be. It can also be the other result of being too slow, or even stagnant, and thus not being able to push on, stopping or wasting away.

This card also shows disunity, internal disputes and divisions, radical and polarized ideas, suspicion and jealousy, disharmony and mutual irritation. This can occur in any size or form of group or organization, and also includes family or marital disputes.

There are two possibilities with the reversed Eight of Sceptres: either the pace is too fast and therefore out of control, or it is delayed. In the first case, perhaps the person concerned will make too hasty a decision, act too impulsively and forcefully, or things will move too quickly and catch him or her off guard. The person is advised to keep in mind the principle of "too fast, not enough". In the second case, in the actual horoscope, there may be widespread delays, travel may be canceled, or there may be traffic problems, so it is advisable to be more careful. In addition, Witt personally believes that the Eight of Scepter in the positive position is the arrow of love, while the negative position is the arrow of jealousy, which may lead to disputes, and can also be applied in divination.

In terms of wealth, the financial situation is stable, but there is no need to be happy. Perhaps you should go back to the Seven of Scepters to get your spending under control, or establish a set of helpful financial habits that will allow you to return to the Eight of Scepters state when you were upright and then feel free again.

In terms of life, this card should indicate a slow but steady process of recovery. Often a reversed Eight of Scepters signifies a period of stability and health, and then you may prefer the kind of energy and enthusiasm that you had when the card was in the upright position.

Core Tip

The Eight of Scepters in reverse position indicates that if you want to go too fast, you can't go fast enough. If you're too eager to reach your goal, you'll easily get farther away from it.
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Knowledge Expansion

A reversed Eight of Scepters can indicate delays in travel plans, or jealousy or arguments in your relationships.
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Card Meaning Extension

In many cases, enthusiasm is not enough, but practical planning and down-to-earth work are required.
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