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Eight of Wands Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Speed and passion, free-flowing power

Card Details

The Eight of Scepters sails neatly through the air, with an azure sky and verdant hill plains in the background, and a tranquil stream flowing by.

"Swiftness" is the central meaning of the Eight of Scepters. The eight scepters fly fast like an airplane, so things will move unexpectedly fast and long-delayed matters will come to fruition in a short time. If you have previously set a goal, the Eight of Scepters could mean that you can achieve it quickly.

The Eight of Scepters is enveloped in an atmosphere of freedom and excitement. Note that the eight scepters are pointed downwards and are about to reach the ground, so by drawing the Eight of Scepters, you can expect something new to arrive in your life soon. Perhaps you'll suddenly meet a passionate romantic partner, suddenly get a new job, suddenly get inspired at work, suddenly meet new people. In any case, the Eight of Sceptres will make you positive and optimistic.

A clear sky is adorned with the Eight of Scepter, which is at ease and unrestrained, breaking through the sky. In the background there is a castle perched on a hill which is behind the slowly flowing river. This card highlights the freedom that the scepter type dreams of. The Scepter is always at his or her best when free from obligations and responsibilities. When the Scepter is free from the constraints of everyday life, they feel that life is full of light, challenges and the spoils of conquest.

Card Meaning Deduction

In the Eight of Scepters, the scepter depicted is not implanted in the land or being held. This symbolizes the energy of free-flowing fire with few or no restrictions. It represents the passion and love of life you can experience when you are in love or traveling.

The Eight of Sceptres indicates that your goals are clearly visible and that you are moving towards them with ease. This can be seen in the eight scepter sweeping freely and without constraint across the sky. The scepter crossing over water suggests overseas travel, a great favorite of scepter types.

The Eight of Sceptres represents overseas travel, free-flowing energy, and a clear path to reach goals. Past endeavors are paving the way for the freedom to travel in life now. This is the heyday you will want to remember for years to come. The beauty of a fiery red sunset on the Mediterranean coast sinking slowly, or sailing out on a boat in the afternoon to enjoy the clear blue skies are reminders that your efforts have been worthwhile.

The Eight of Sceptres represents healthy relationships, traveling across the sea and planning to reach a satisfying conclusion. It points to the ease with which you can accomplish your goals. When the Eight of Scepter is present, the obstacles to your plans are minor, and set goals can be achieved without much effort.

"Eight is the number of power, and the number eight in the cards shows where the power lies in this set of cards. In the Eight of Scepters, you can see the element of fire in its natural state, a kind of unrestricted, frenzied action.

The Eight of Scepters often appears when you are about to travel overseas. It also represents that all your efforts will be rewarded and you will be freed from difficulties.

In the algorithm on career, the Eight of Sceptres can indicate career-related travel, or being a driver, or developing new suppliers or markets. This is an indication of eight scepters crossing over water.

These eight scepters we can also see as a message of some sort, whether it be news, whispers, or various tidbits of information. When upright, you get usually good news; when upside down, bad news.

In terms of wealth, the Eight of Scepters signifies that this is a time of financial heyday, where you are able to easily pay for anything you want and need. It also represents travel and a carefree feeling about time and money when you're on vacation. Financial opportunities are more likely to appear to be coming your way and you are able to sit back and enjoy the financial bounty.

The Eight of Scepters is a positive card when it comes to analyzing your life, whether it is upright or upside down. You now have full energy and enthusiasm to pursue your life goals. By now you know the benefits of good habits and abundant reserves of energy in your life. In matters pertaining to setbacks or obstacles, this card suggests a quick recovery. Often all it shows is a passionate lifestyle.

The Eight of Scepters is quite positive in the algorithm of gender relations. It suggests that you and your partner enjoy life together without having to be stuck in difficult situations. She indicates that you enjoy each other's company without terror or constraints.

One such example occurred in Karen's divination. When she came for her divination, her partner Mike had just finished two years of full-time schooling and they were preparing for a five-week vacation in Venice. The Eight of Sceptres suggested that they would be able to enjoy the trip completely (I received a postcard from Venice four weeks later to confirm this). The Eight of Sceptres represents an opportunity to explore life, both your surroundings and each other.

The Eight of Sceptres also indicates that your relationship is healthy, as there is plenty of room for both people to have their own lives and friends.

Core Tip

Travel is a meaning often represented by the Eight of Scepters, especially air travel, or unexpected travel or business opportunities that are usually happy.
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Knowledge Expansion

The uninhibited nature of the Eight of Sceptres reflects that this is a time of few obstacles. It indicates that you are free, can bet on your passions, and pursue your goals directly.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card indicates that the seeker's life will soon become very busy. This may be due to a foreign trip, a relocation, a difficult situation to be solved, a heavy workload, etc. This card also indicates that the seeker's hard work will be rewarded. This card also indicates that the seeker's hard work will be rewarded.
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