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Five of Wands Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

A staged hiatus, a respite from the chaos

Card Details

With the reversal of the Five of Scepters, the characters in the picture are falling down, perhaps everyone is tired. Their movements no longer have the power to slow down an otherwise heated situation. Now that the fight is over, it is time to face the cleanup of the mess.

Since they are tired, they will stop fighting and make a truce, perhaps making peace and settling the score. However, we don't know who will win and who will lose. It may be that the scene has been suppressed for the time being, but if the problematic points have not been solved, there will not be any real reconciliation, and there may still be another battle in the future, or there may be a fierce fight brewing afterward. What the actual situation is depends on the actual state of the problem, but at least it is a cessation or an end to such a state, there has been a truce and there has been a restoration, and the lethality has been lessened, though not really resolved. In the better case, the problem is resolved, but it may also indicate a shift to the dominant side after a fight.

Card Meaning Deduction

The Five of Scepters reversed is instead a more positive card, as it suggests finding common ground after an argument. This is a card of change, and since the deck of scepters is about the real world, the Five of Scepters usually refers to real change (e.g., a home or work environment). Perhaps you are about to leave a job or a loving relationship and, assuming this is the case, you are not being forced to leave, rather you are returning to the upright Four of Scepters to enjoy the stability it offers.

After a period of conflict, cooperation and unity follow. The reversed Five of Scepters could mean having left that aimless phase. There are fewer new programs in the works now, and it should be time to focus more on those goals that have been embarked upon.

When the Five of Scepters is reversed, it indicates that you have taken a more open-minded course of action and that you are prepared to compromise or try new approaches. The five of all tarot cards indicates some form of change, and when reversed, it indicates an open-minded and more inclusive approach to change.

The reversal of this card indicates that this battle may be followed by an intricate evolution of the situation, possibly transforming into a cold war, or creating a contradictory situation, or even treating it as a witty battle of shenanigans and deception, or perhaps getting involved and entangled in it. Like many lawsuits and disputes.

The Five of Sceptres in the positive position means that this is at least a fair contest, not so much in the negative position. Fraud, cheating and other treacherous techniques may come into play. Waite himself interprets the Five of Sceptres inverted as 'litigation, dispute, fraud, contradiction'.

In terms of money and business, the reversed Five of Sceptres means that the chances of success are greatly increased, due to a growing focus on the task at hand. Those involved are no longer competing with each other, but learning to share success by working together on a common goal. This card also indicates that internal conflict has now subsided and everyone is working together towards a common goal.

In terms of health, the reversed Five of Scepters represents a calmer lifestyle, and this will give a much better chance of staying healthy. It could also represent a renewed focus on your health after a period of neglect. The reversed Five of Scepters is suggesting that you return to the orthogonal Four of Scepters to find a solid and balanced state of health.

All in all, the Five of Scepters inverted is advising us that things should be addressed without delay, and that we should be proactive in getting our troubles dealt with and resolved so that we don't have to wait for a long night.

Core Tip

Reversed Five of Scepters indicates an understanding that time and energy are being wasted and that a new approach is necessary.
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Knowledge Expansion

In the algorithm of an organization, group or career, the reversed Five of Sceptres suggests that compromise is possible and that it is in such a case that one can listen to others more intimately.
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Card Meaning Extension

Sometimes before you are ready to change, rules need to be abandoned and battles need to become more violent, the so-called darkness before the dawn.
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