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Five of Wands Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Each has his own opinion, inner conflict leads to outer disharmony

Card Details

The five scepters are inconsistent in position and direction, the most messy in the scepter deck. The five are entangled and twisted together as if in a fight, or athletic competition, and the image is particularly action-packed, with the largest number of characters of any of the Weet Tarot. The five scepters are all off the ground, each with a different person, in a different position, raising and waving the sticks, crowding the whole picture. Each of them has a different look and wears a different color, which represents a difference in stance and personality. The different places where they are standing imply unequal status or different positions. The place where they stand is a lawn in yellowish-green tones, yet the ground is rugged and undulating with gradations of color.

The sky in the background is blue, indicating a bright struggle and a clear end. The boundaries between heaven and earth are clearly defined, highlighting the contrast between the silence and the clamor of human voices.

Quite different from the harmonious and stable situation of the Fourth Scepter, the Fifth Scepter presents the scene of a group of young men in a melee. Each man holds a staff in his hand, and they are locked in a stalemate with each other, with no one letting anyone in. This is a parody of a battle, says Waite.

If you look at the card carefully, you see that the group is all fighting, and no one is fighting, and no one is looking on. Everyone is imitating what everyone else is doing. The Five of Scepters shows up and may be suggesting that the person in question is going to imitate. Or, to take it a step further, to go down and fight a sensational war.

Card meanings deduced

The Five of Scepters is a struggle of forces, competing with each other to produce conflict and confrontation, and also represents forces that cannot be united, with sudden or violent actions in response. The picture shows the scene of the fight as a group situation, a powerful and collective rivalry, with real action, even an actual physical struggle, and a chaotic scene. There may have been a conflict of power between them, and it has come to the surface as an open struggle, a fight and a grab.

Such a situation may have arisen with a purpose, to gain power or advantage after the fight. And it mostly originates from unfulfilled desires or from emotional upset that triggers quarrels, fights and other almost violent and vicious fights. This card will be very disjointed for all kinds of relationships, with complicated personnel issues. Relationships that have been good may be at risk of falling apart, or even breaking up. Otherwise, the individual will be involved in a situation of right and wrong.

This is a card of battle, lethal but not necessarily strong, and the severity depends on the problem. Since the image is a simulation of battlefield competition, it also has the connotation of mimicry, and of course all game tournament competition is represented by this card. It can also symbolize the struggle and labor fighting that must be put forth in the search for wealth and luck. It can also be said that this card shows the battles and struggles of life, so it can also be taken as a sign of profit and wealth, representing success in financial investments. Of course, it is mainly a situation of intense and chaotic competition in business, where obstacles are encountered and there is a lot of struggle and hard work.

Each of the Fives in the Tarot is associated with conflict or loss. And with the Scepter's Fire traits, it's only natural that the theme of competition is expressed. People with the Scepter trait (i.e., the Fire trait) are prone to see life as a war, so the central theme of the Five of Scepters is a competitive situation. This is very different from the emotional loss of the Five of Cups, and the monetary loss of the Five of Coins. We can also compare the Five of Scepters to the Five of Swords; the two cards look similar at first glance, but have different centers of gravity. The focus of the Five of Scepters is on a situation of hot and furious battle, which correlates with the qualities of the fire element. The Five of Swords, on the other hand, focuses on the lesson that neither victory nor defeat is beneficial after the war is over.

"Fighting" is always a bad thing in the eyes of the general public because it is usually related to conflict between people, perhaps a small spat, a disagreement, or a larger dispute. If the person concerned is in such a situation, please remember that a prime minister can hold a boat in his stomach, and that society can only be richer and more harmonious if it accommodates different opinions.

From a broader perspective, the Fifth Scepter can represent the wars and challenges of life, held in the exam room, the love field or the financial field. The battle may be hard and laborious, but who dares to say that you won't be the winner? Perhaps it's not certain that the benefits and favors that come with winning make it quite worthwhile.

In addition to external conflicts, the Fifth Scepter may also represent inner conflicts, usually when faced with difficult choices or challenges, and sometimes inner conflicts are more difficult to resolve than external ones. This is the time to stay calm, find the source of what is troubling you, and break it down.

Five people are caught in a tangle where their energies are used to fight each other with no apparent goal. The drain on their energy is in contrast to the peaceful blue skies and beautiful days. This card implies scattered energy. Are you making too many plans at one time, or are you taking part in conflicts whether they be at the office, at home or locally? In the case of a sporting event, it's as if you're expending energy in the process while your opponent retains full strength to win a medal, earn an honor or stay healthy.

The current group activity is a guide to conflict, as each participant rushes to get ahead or to win recognition. The Fifth of Scepter may suggest that everyone in the group is going through a difficult process of coordination in order to find a workable solution. On the subject of career, this card represents chaos and a company that is like a giant dysfunctional family. On the subject of relationships, it means that two people are in conflict with each other due to their different lifestyles, interests and respective friends.

The Fifth Scepter depicts five people with five courses of action. Each person believes they have the best approach and no one listens to anyone else, an example of too many cooks spoiling the pot of soup. This Fifth of Scepter represents conflict. While the conflict isn't so bad that it hurts anyone, it's everyone all in. It's just the nature of the scepter type to always see life as a war, because if there were no obstacles, there would be no adventure.

Scepter types seek the joy of action with a sense of rules and fair play, and they tend to enjoy sports and competitive activities. The Five of Scepters involves a physical contest, while the Ace of Swords involves a mental contest, which is where the two differ.

On a day-to-day basis, the Five of Scepters suggests a group of people unable to work in groups. For example, you may work for a short period of time in a team program where everyone on the team has their own ideas. The Fifth of Scepter points out that conflict will occur before team members agree that they want to compromise or work together.

Money-wise, when this Five of Scepters is in the shape of a card, it usually represents the misuse of money. Having too many demands and plans right now can break up your focus and lead to limited results. This card could be describing a small business, but there's just one person who has to take care of everything from operations to marketing, to service and inventory accounting. These people are just too busy & too driven to have time to draw up realistic plans for success.

In a health sense, Scepter types like to pursue their goals, and this Five of Scepters is a classic representation of [hurry]. For them, a hard-earned achievement is far more appealing than an opportunity that falls into their hands from the sky. Scepter types are quite keen on beating other competitors. The consequences of such a prolonged expenditure of energy may be: exhaustion or falling ill in bed from a fan or influenza.

In the algorithm of gender relations, the Five of Scepters indicates that the two people each have a different life form, with no related interests or common friends. Intimacy is hindered when each pursues a different life style. There is a lot of excitement and joy, but there is oneness. The Fifth of Scepter also points to fiery and competitive gender relationships, which can cause frequent conflict between partners.

The Fifth of Scepter represents the inner conflict that comes from too many demands at the same time. It can also indicate that you are wasting energy on too many aspects to the point where no one aspect is efficient, or that you are struggling in a fierce competition.

For example, Marina chanced picking the Five of Sceptres every time in a recent horoscope. And the fact that she was attempting to juggle a full-time job, an evening teaching position, and a family, and taking several classes. All of these things need to be taken care of at the same time, which seemed appealing to her at first, but now she's exhausted.

Core Tip

The appearance of the Fifth of Swords shows that the current argument is damaging, so please stop it immediately and save yourself some poise.
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Knowledge Expansion

The five of all tarot cards has a common meaning. An orthogonal five usually symbolizes narrow-mindedness, while a reversed five means open-mindedness.
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Card Meaning Extension

The victory of the Five of Swords is won without honor or practical benefit. The person in question usually fights to win when orthogonal, and usually plays the losing side when reversed.
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