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Four of Wands Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

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Card Details

The Four of Scepters is reversed, the pillars of stability have fallen, indicating a loss of security, a loss of protection and shelter, no longer safe, there will be a risk of exposure to danger, but also indicates that the good times are no longer here. As shown in the picture, the four scepters as the pillars have fallen and the castle is upside down, indicating that all the stable shelters have collapsed, just like the collapse of the tower.

Career is not stable enough, and work is not stable and ideal. Not only the external situation, but also the inner feelings, leaving the umbrella of protection, independence and hard work, loss of stability and calm, feeling anxious, and even the joy will be followed by the loss, like the garland in the picture fell down.

Card meanings deduced

The reversed Four of Scepters indicates that you are leaving a home or work environment, however, this new environment may be very different from the one you are leaving. It also suggests that you will be less settled in your new environment. For example, you could take a twelve-month vacation abroad and visit six or seven countries during that time. The reversed scepter indicates that you will not be able to settle down in any particular place because the four scepters are no longer firmly planted on the ground. The reversed Four of Sceptres may also indicate a temporary situation.

For example, you might do something temporary until you find a more permanent job. It can also indicate plans that lack stability, sometimes suggesting that you must learn to appreciate what you have at home or in your work environment. All the possibilities of an upright card are obvious, but it's a shame you don't participate in your surroundings or pay for it.

When the Four of Scepters is reversed it becomes a card that represents a temporary situation, such as visiting friends or informal work. It suggests that perhaps now is the time to revisit the Three of Scepters so that you can move to a new home, get a new job, or simply experience the freedom that comes with the thought of having a small fortune and living in the moment. Perhaps a temporary job is still a good fit for you, which will give you time to decide which form of work or company is what you want.

The Four of Scepters reversed is sometimes a sign that you are leaving a permanent job or moving from a permanent residence to a temporary one. The Four of Scepters reversed is suggesting that it's time to return to the Three of Scepters, which means that you may be looking forward to whether or not you're going to take a long trip.

The Four of Sceptres inverted is interpreted in the Book of Vitus as unchanging in meaning, perhaps the meaning of pleasure is not as obvious as it was when it was in the positive position, or because the person is insatiable and unable to feel fulfilled or grateful. Today's interpretation is usually interpreted as unstable foundations, disharmony, lack of unity of purpose, unstable relationships, etc., depending on the issue being divined.

Financially, the Four of Sceptres reversed describes a period of instability. While it is not suggesting disaster, there are steps you need to take. You may have a greater need for permanence or steady work, as well as stable family relationships, before making your financial progress. This card inverted may also be suggesting informal or temporary work.

In terms of health, the reversed Four of Scepters means that your health will reflect the environment you are in, and the two do not harmonize at this time. Overindulging in celebrations could potentially lead to an imbalance in your health. It is also possible that temporary circumstances, such as traveling or the demands of work, may prevent you from maintaining regular health habits.

In the algorithm of relationships, the reversed Four of Sceptres refers to a lack of development in a partnership, perhaps growth was interrupted during the Three of Sceptres, and if this is the case, you should return to the subject of the Three of Sceptres. There can also be problems in relationships, indicating an imperfect ending to a romance, something that detracts, becomes a faded beauty, an incomplete joy.

Core Tip

Four of Sceptres reversed It's as if you don't belong to the people around you, that the joys and sorrows of the place don't concern you, that you're just passing through the neighborhood.
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Knowledge Expansion

When it comes to gender relations, the reversed scepter four suggests that there is a lack of solidified, long-term commitment.
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Card Meaning Extension

Solidify your goals, find people who can bring help, and have plenty of motivation for a long road ahead.
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