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Four of Wands Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

A firm and solid cooperation is the foundation of everything!

Card Details

Four huge scepters loom in front of them, bearing garlands of flowers symbolizing victory. Two women holding bouquets of flowers above their heads dance in celebration, with crowds of celebrating people visible in the distance, and in the background is a castle rising steadily in the sunlight, with no shadows in sight, presenting a scene of harmony and prosperity. To the right, there is a bridge over the moat, leading to the far side of the castle, which indicates a solid manor.

Compared to the Three of Scepters, which is a voyage to the sea, all the Four of Scepters cards in the Tarot deck indicate stability and rest, a feeling of "coming home", and also represent the initial completion of the deck, with the Four of Scepters having both of these meanings. All tables and chairs have four legs, buildings need four pillars, cars need four wheels... Even a four-square shape gives a very stable feeling. Look closely, don't the four pillars in front of the Four of Scepters also give you this harmonious and stable feeling? The castle in the distance even symbolizes a solid haven. So, one of the main card meanings of the Four of Scepters is solidity, which means a very stable foundation. A student who draws the Four of Scepters indicates that he has a good foundation in his previous studies; a student who draws the Four of Scepters in relationship divination indicates a stable relationship, and the rest can follow suit.

Above the scepter hangs a wreath of flowers, and the dancing woman holds a bouquet of flowers in her hands, and they all have fruit on them! This is a classic symbol of prosperity and abundance, indicating that it is a time of plenty, and because of that, people can celebrate and be happy.

The cheering and waving of the figures in the picture, which is an expression of happy emotions and the joy of a new home being completed, is good regarding moving and purchasing a home and housewarming. This card represents the possibility of having a family, which can be helpful for the success of a marriage, and can also represent romance in general.

Card meanings deduced

The Four of Scepters depicts a sturdy home or work environment where joy and sharing are part of every day life. In this card, people come and go freely, dancing and celebrating in the sunshine with inherent eagerness, enthusiasm and optimism. There is a welcoming wreath threaded through the tops of the four scepters, and the dancers wave more flowers in celebration.

[Four] in the Minor Arcana represents sturdiness, making plans come true with action, solidity and practicality. The Scepter looks like it's suggesting a move to a new home or a change to a new work environment, or settling down in your current home after remodeling. It describes a period of stability or a time of rest as you move toward the Ten of Scepters. The Four of Scepters card implies actions taken to make yourself comfortable on your life's journey.

The Four of Scepters suggests settling down in a new home, or work environment, with the castle being the sturdy suggestion, and sometimes it also indicates that scepter-type passions are being channeled into the home. For example, you may be redecorating or painting your home is it better suits your current needs.

This card is a positive indication for moving into a warm and supportive home or work environment. Those already in that environment feel comfortable there and welcome and support the newcomer. When the Four of Scepters appears next to the Three of Cups, it indicates a celebration, or a gathering of like-minded people, showing vitality and joy.

This card shows steady protection, a stable situation, a settled environment, a home of peace and tranquility. The castle in the background of the image also indicates a consolidated shelter. It is helpful for all issues concerning the family, full of harmony and warmth, care and concern.

It is a good card for both starting a family and a thriving scene, the harvest of the home, the fruits and rewards of hard work, presenting a peaceful home and plenty of food. This card can also indicate rest after a period of effort and struggle, or respite after a struggle, or even a place of refuge during a time of escape.

It is also smooth sailing in your career, with job security and happiness. No matter how big or small the company is, it is a good place to work. You are not only able to keep your business going, but it is also good if you want to create your own pattern. Any business with a pattern is suitable. The gesture of the character in the picture seems to be welcoming, which means opening a new store, and is especially suitable for starting a business. It also implies that it would be good for the whole family or a partnership with friends to open a business.

In the gender relations algorithm, the Four of Scepters points out that you are solidifying your gender relations. Four scepters planted deep in the ground present a deeper commitment or a really strong relationship. The Castle indicates the stabilizing force of the home, while those in the vestibule show the good nature of the fiery type.

Money-wise, this card signifies a solid and sound financial environment, and you may be able to share this success with others. It may be alluding to a period of financial consolidation. Perhaps now is the time to focus on one or two financial investments, including your family. The Four of Scepters usually occurs when you are enjoying a stable job or home environment, and it reflects the fact that financial stability can really bring stability to other facets of life.

In terms of health analysis, the Four of Sceptres is a clear sign of good health and vitality. Harmonious family relationships or work life keep you in a secure and stable state of health now. Now may be the time to establish healthy habits, such as regular daily walking, stretching, yoga or jogging, to maintain your health and vitality.

Overall, the Four of Scepters is a very positive card that can represent business success, good beginnings, goal achievement, budding love or friendship, weddings, births, celebrations, birthday parties, and other joyous events. In addition, the Four of Scepters is set in the countryside, so it is also associated with the countryside or a beautiful home life.

The Four of Sceptres represents solidity, the act of making firm or tangible the plans decided upon in the Three of Sceptres. It often suggests moving into a new home or changing jobs, and also indicates settling down in your current environment.

Johan had been living in a small flat roofed house for three years when he came to me for his horoscope. He complained that his roommate gave very little to that home and even refused to bring in the mail. After looking at the configuration of the cards, I pointed out that Johan himself didn't particularly want to settle down in that house. He agreed. Since the Four of Scepters appeared in the near future position, I could see that he was about to make that home more like a home. After doing the math, he immediately decided to change the white walls to its preferred color and adjust the furniture arrangement to make it more comfortable.

Core Tip

The Four of Sceptres symbolizes solidity and stability, a shelter for people, a rich human home, a place of benefit for family settlement. Not only does it give a sense of security in spirit, but it is also a fortress of solidity in substance.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Four of Scepters is a very good card, it may bring you unexpected good luck, such as winning a prize or getting famous. It also represents a good social level, with good communication between people.
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Card Meaning Extension

The seeker will be honored and rewarded by others. This card is a metaphor for the seeker feeling safe and stopping to put down roots.
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