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King of Wands Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Losing faith, avoiding danger, struggling for old glory

Card Details:

When this card is reversed, it is as if the King's scepter is unable to touch the ground, the exercise of his power is lost, and his authority is unable to be delegated and responded to, a symbol of loss of power. The King of Scepters loses his ability to execute and manage, and is left with a monopoly of authority.

A reversed King Scepter overplayed the Fire Element and the Scepter, and tended to do whatever he wanted and abuse his power. At this time, the King Scepter seems to be enraged and not only does his temper appear to be fiery, but his entire personality appears to be strict and demanding. This man has a high sense of self-esteem and will behave outrageously to save face, clinging to self-righteous notions. He even loses the ability to act decisively and quickly, and the results of his deliberation are either clichéd or exaggerated, always inappropriate.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The King's reversal suggests that a person's psyche is younger than his actual age. Commitment is always a problem for him. He would rather turn to a new challenge than face a difficult decision that needs to be resolved urgently. He may be more tolerant than the scepter in the square, but less disciplined. It may also suggest that failure is due to a lack of self-discipline. You may put all your energy into a program, only to realize that you could have gone along with it with a little effort.

The King of Sceptre inverted may be competitive, impractical, slow and reckless. Aggressive, short-tempered, light on ranno, and without the means to accomplish a plan. Because of his need for quick gratification, this makes him a poor trader. In his desire for immediate results, he may overlook the long-term results of his actions.

The King of Sceptre inverted usually has an adverse effect on the person and can be parsed in two orientations. On the one hand, he will become a tyrant, selfish, prejudiced, stubborn, irascible, vain, grandiose, and will use his power to abuse others. He will leave everything to his subordinates, and it is not easy to be his subordinate. He may also lose his ability to strategize, become impulsive, and make bad decisions. On the other hand, he may become like King Lear, who was useless after his abdication, losing his confidence and becoming weak and gullible, although he will be much gentler and more forgiving to others.

The presence of this card in the reversed position in divination indicates the presence of a character with such negative traits, or the character's original traits taking on or transforming into such negative characteristics. In terms of the situation, he is in the above mentioned bad situation and may not have the support of his superiors or may not be able to control his own situation.

He hates authority and lacks self-discipline when he repeats out-of-control behavior. Often others will jump in to interrupt in order to regulate him. He may lose his driver's license, be fired from his job. Or he may be asked to leave his home or end a relationship, all as a result of his behavior.

Overall, the card's reversed position is particularly indicative of experiencing problems with work and affairs. Trouble may also be encountered regarding finances. In love and relationships, there will be strife due to the desire to control. There will be a lack of patience and regression in academics.

Core Tip

The King of Sceptre inverted is the inability to succeed due to lack of self-discipline. Enthusiastic energy coupled with a lack of patience results in too many programs to be implemented at once, each of which is forced to be abandoned in the aftermath.
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Knowledge Expansion

When the King of Scepters is reversed, it symbolizes a period of low stored energy. It means that you need to rebalance this period through rest and gentle relaxation.
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Card Meaning Extension

In terms of everyday life, this card can suggest that you rush ahead of yourself and ignore your current opportunities because you are overly focused on future possibilities.
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