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King of Wands Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Enthusiastic and determined, full of vigor, successful through self-discipline

Card Details:

The King of Scepters is seated on a throne, leaning slightly forward as if ready to go. In his right hand he holds a scepter with fresh green leaves growing from it, symbolizing vitality. The scepter symbolizes worldly endeavors and power, and this king, holding a scepter in his hand, naturally has the ability to master his endeavors and values dignity and honor and cares about accomplishment.

The throne and cape are decorated with lions and fire lizards. The lion points out the fire character of the Scepter King, while the fire lizards are small lizards that are said to live in the fire, their mouths biting into their tails to form a complete circle, symbolizing that the Scepter King has reached the realm of completeness, and his understanding of the possibilities of purpose and the element of fire. A fire lizard accompanies him on the ground.

The Scepter King's throne, situated in the middle of the desert wilderness, looks down on his tour against the scorching sun and sand. It is a reflection of his character, bright and direct and refreshing. The throne is simple and square. Only the back of the chair is orange and bright, engraved with a black lion coat of arms and lizard coat of arms, the coat of arms for the black can show the king's solemnity. The lion symbolizes the inner strength of the king, representing valor, strength and authority, and leadership, so the coat of arms on the back of the chair and the pendant of the king's necklace both have the shape of a lion.

In the background all that is visible is a red sand, with no buildings or plants growing (the scepter in his hand is the only tree of life). The small animals that appear in this image are fire lizards that live in hot and dry places - deserts, volcanic craters - symbolizing the spirit of fire or the embodiment of the guardian god of the fire element. The lizard on the back of the chair and the lizard in the corner of the throne have the meaning of strengthening the characteristics of the fire element. The living lizard on the throne may have been shaken out of the ground by the king's scepter, and may be considered the scepter king's pet, doppelganger, or guardian.

Card Meaning Deduction:

This card represents a powerful, masculine and charismatic man with an active and positive attitude. His character is bold and generous, his actions are decisive and quick, and he treats people with warmth and generosity. You will feel his brightness and heat, and even more mature and dignified. When he is in high spirits, he is very sincere and affectionate.

Such a King of Scepter is certainly very subjective and dominant, and will not easily accommodate others. He likes to be direct and simple, deciding everything according to his personal preference, not after deliberation and weighing, so he has no heart, and of course, he is characterized by integrity and sincerity. What he is good at is the majestic aura represented by the scepter, his spiritual power and will are very strong, and his style of action is very persistent. Such a man has a maturity that will give people a sense of security and want to rely on him, but also carry a reverence for him, like a father figure.

The King of Sceptre is enthusiastic, passionate, easily excited, honest, straightforward, hardworking, able to see the bigger picture and generous. His outspoken attitude makes it easy for him to mingle with the group. He doesn't push, makes excuses and enjoys a challenge. He is usually informal, enthusiastic, and unapologetic about flirting with girls he finds attractive, plus he always likes to win or lose in sports, career, and life. He is usually a good teacher or coach because he likes to inspire others. The King of Scepters represents success through self-discipline. This card represents the sign of the Duchess, and if he appears with the King of Scepters, then it should refer to a Duchess (male or female). The King has channeled the enthusiasm and zeal of the Scepter and has the ability to harness this energy and direct it towards practical life goals.

The King of Scepters is a mature man of Fire character. Waite sees him as the representative of a squire, and being a squire, it is easy to imagine that he would love sports and nature. He is an excellent leader and carries a great deal of responsibility, with enough authority and ability to control the lives of others. He is the most driven and creative of the four kings, but the least patient. He has the virtues of honesty and optimism, is physically fit and self-confident, and has a warm, proactive and active personality without being as reckless as the Knight of Scepter, though he can seem ambitious at times. He is a risk taker and a master of breaking new ground, like Alexander the Great, creating a great empire, though not so much of a master of keeping things going, as he always has his eye on new goals. He is a generous and enthusiastic companion, with whom you will be in high spirits, but you can't tie him down, and he will fight with you in quarrels.

If he is a parent, then he can fully motivate his children and is quite tolerant most of the time, but it's best not to challenge his authority because he is essentially a leader with authority after all. If he's a boss, he's basically a good leader, he's proactive, he's quick to act, he's very good at driving the centripetal force of his subordinates, the downside is that he can be stressful at times. If you make him unhappy, according to his direct personality, I'm afraid he will teach you a lesson face to face.

He is honest, positive and forthright and is often willing to take on new challenges. He believes that the process is more important than the result and refuses any challenge that drags on. The King of Scepter suggests success through self-discipline and depicts a strong person who is able to lead and dominate others through his willpower. He has a strong belief in himself because his confidence is based on his own experience. He knows his methods work because he has tried and tested them.

The King of Scepter represents the Earth part of Fire. "Earth prefers practicality and certainty, and will demand concrete results once he has invested his time and effort. This is not to imply that he is a patient man, but he is simply more disciplined than in the days of chivalry. Self-discipline allows you to go above and beyond, so you'll have ample time and stamina to grasp better opportunities that will allow you to accomplish what you've set out to do.

The King describes someone who is enthusiastic, energetic and outspoken. Generally speaking, it is usually a man over thirty, although the exception is if this card refers to a Shepherd. When this card appears with the Emperor and the Knight of Swords, he is a card representing the sign of Shepherd. Assuming this card refers to a Shepherd, they could be younger than thirty, or refer to a woman.

The subject of Shepherds is the subject of self-discipline, and the King is an example of such. He sits back and waits for the perfect time, and when it comes, he's nurtured and ready to run it to the best of his ability. He may not have been able to tolerate those who didn't run their lives the way he did, especially when he was faced with vulnerability or despair, because these were not his pre-existing experiences. He is someone who has been able to harness the fire within and has produced positive, clear results thanks to the influence of Earth. He has not yet lost the Knight's love of action, yet he already knows that action will determine the outcome.

Drawing this card usually indicates that the person is capable enough to take control of the situation and use creativity to solve problems. He is in a position of leadership, a powerful but instinctive ruler, instinctive and passionate, but mature and wise enough to control his impulses. He is the founder and builder (the Star Coin King is the ruler and improver). He has a strong determination and is the most driven of the four Kings. This card shows that this man is talkative and full of humor, while his honesty and integrity command respect. At work he is full of creativity and ideas, but lacks a plan to implement them, and he is not very committed to his work.

In terms of relationships, this man likes challenging relationships and is a perfect match for the Queen of Sceptre. In terms of efficiency, you can see him sitting on his throne, waiting for the right woman to accompany him. Together they will sail towards goals not yet dreamed of.

He enjoys the outdoors and needs a lively companion who can easily catch up with him. He is neither sentimental nor too romantic, but he has a brave and adventurous spirit, which is enough to make any relationship interesting.

The presence of this card in a horoscope is most likely to represent a problematic character who possesses or plays one of the traits described above. If interpreted as a state of affairs, it describes control, stability, escalation, or taking over. This card may indicate that the subject himself is in good control of the situation, but it may also indicate that you will be supported by elders or superiors.

Overall, this is a good card, particularly accomplished in the handling of career and work, and naturally, financial operations are not bad either. In terms of relationships, there is enough passion and charisma, and relationships are dominant, except that none of them are very emotionally detailed. With regard to studies it is okay, and mastering the original grades should not be difficult, and, in marriage, it is easy to meet a good marriage.

Core Tip

The King of Scepter is Fire in the Four Elements of Earth, a combination of pragmatism and zeal, describing a disciplined, passionate and enthusiastic man who succeeds due to self-discipline and focus on important goals.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card represents the managerial class with a position of power, most likely even a leader or person in charge. This figure has a great sense of authority and drive, knows very well how to do and execute things, and is good at administration.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card describes a strong, sometimes dictatorial person who is usually forthright in his words and actions and is suitable for a career in sales or any goal-oriented work.
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