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Knight of Wands Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Don't forget why you started for another goal

Card Details:

The reversal of the Knight of Scepters indicates that the Knight falls off his horse and loses his footing, and the scepter held in his hand is not secured, or even that this elemental belonging is broken or damaged. This indicates that one is bent on chasing power but is unable to do so, and as a result, he or she suffers many setbacks and losses. One's abilities may diminish, and one's power and position may be lost. It is also possible that you will meet strong competitors and be pushed down.

The reversed Knight of Sceptre's power is misdirected and wrong methods are used, resulting in a lost quest with serious consequences. Due to a lack of understanding of the workings of power, it is difficult to utilize his expertise and potential, and instead he behaves in a very inappropriate manner, resulting in the loss of his majesty. Misuse of energy and strength also makes many things unsustainable or too spontaneous and frustrating. Perhaps because you are too young and impetuous, you will annoy many people, causing relationships to fall apart, or even break up or break up due to quarrels.

This Reversed Knight of Scepters card means the need to keep moving in order to find the right opportunity, but this can cause them to overlook other possible opportunities in front of them. It can also cause plans to be delayed or lose patience, which makes it difficult to get things done.

Card Meaning Deduction:

Sometimes when the Knight of Scepters is unable to get the freedom he craves, he will need to go and find herself. He will give up on a relationship, a job or a family because he wishes he could find an opportunity that would fulfill him more. It usually works out as expected, knowing that she will have to commit again or that someone will come along and blow his plans. So the way out beckons him once again. Scepter types usually live in the future, not realizing that when they arrive at their destination, they bring with them the unfinished business of the past. This is especially true when the Court of Scepters is in reverse.

A reversed Knight of Scepters can be interpreted in two directions. The first is that his shortcomings are so great as to cause bad effects, that he does bad things by being impulsive and reckless, that he fights with people because of his irritability, that he misses good opportunities because of his lack of patience, or that he has only just wooed the opposite sex and then switches to the next one immediately. The second scenario is that he may not be able to express the Knight of Sceptre traits freely, leading to avoidance of risk and resistance to change. Perhaps he wants to take some bold action but has to give up due to subjective or objective factors, or he may use his energy in the wrong place and end up with nothing. If an event is indicated, travel may be delayed, canceled or interrupted.

The reversed Knight of Sceptre needs constant conflict to distract him or he may become physically or emotionally inflexible. He's always searching but coming up empty because he's constantly on the move and because action without deep thought usually doesn't grow and he's always repeating mistakes in his haste to move. It's time for his thinking to catch up with his actions so that it may bring him growth.

The Reversed Knight finds it difficult to bring to completion those things he has set out to do, and he needs to return to being an upright squire, planning well before acting. From a general point of view, the Knight's reversal means delays, interruptions of plans and disjointedness. Loss of patience when encountering an antagonistic state is also implied by this reversed card.

The Knight of Scepter reversed may be indicative of enjoying the pursuit more than the rewards. It is usually not giving promises and taking on too many things at once. He may be good at competition, especially with close friends. Sometimes women are attracted to this wild, hard-to-drive man and stay close to him, expecting to tame him. But he will resist home life, preferring to run away and move on to the next relationship, though it will seem as if he is searching for his place in the world.

When faced with adversity, the Knight of Sceptre usually abandons his original goal for another, due to the fact that he tries to run away when he encounters obstacles. In mistakes are usually repeated. In frustration, he is competitive, working hard to counteract his opponents, yet once his goal is accomplished, he shrinks away from it. Positively the Knight of Sceptre pushes herself to work harder in the face of setbacks, and the way agreements are made is not a solution she will like.

In the analysis of relationships, the reversed Knight indicates that a person is not willing to make any real commitment to a relationship because he is immature. Usually he believes that "more is better." I used a client to model this attitude. He said, "Why hold on to one woman when there are tons of women out there just waiting for you?"

Overall, the card's reversed position shows frustration and loss, especially when it comes to competition. Regarding relationships, they will be mishandled due to your own problems. Finances will also be more disorganized due to impatience and difficult to control with moderation. Emotional problems will be caused by quarrels and disagreements. Academics will be difficult to achieve because of impatience.

Core Tip

The Knight of Sceptre inverted is likely to face an interruption or obstruction of business, or else a sharp turn of events or an unexpected development.
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Knowledge Expansion

If this card is reversed, it means that your career is not going well or you are facing relationship problems due to your own impatience and impatience.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card's reversal means that some of the trouble is related to your own carelessness or past exuberance, which has accumulated over time and led to the current dilemma of having no support.
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