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Nine of Wands Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Loss of focus, too much pressure to cope with

Card Details:

The enemy that was hidden now really appears, posing a great threat, potentially more frightening than imagined, and even crushing the protagonist. Once the two sides begin to clash, it is a very powerful and violent onslaught.

When the Nine of Sceptres is reversed, the person concerned may lose the spirit of the strong man in the chart, wither away, be ill-prepared, have a red light in his life, or even want to give up his defenses. Or the enemy's forces are more than he can handle and there is a good chance of losing ground. This doesn't necessarily mean that one has to give up, but perhaps the person in question should think more about better ways to cope.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The reversed Nine of Scepters represents looking back to the past to find fulfillment instead of uncovering your obligations, sources of stress, and more importantly, continuing to work diligently. When this card is reversed it means that you want to take a well-deserved break or a special vacation (Eight of Scepters in positive position) to rekindle your zest for life, but it's obviously not in the cards to do so right now. The reversed Nine of Scepters could also mean that you've been too blasé in re-examining the past, thus overlooking your successes and locking into a dead-end of failure or an obstacle that you've encountered as you've stepped forward. The return of the Eight of Scepters in positive position can give you a chance to rest, relax and recover before meeting the challenges of the Ten of Scepters.

The reversal of the Nine of Scepters shows a tendency to focus on failure more than on success. You must understand that failure benefits success; in other words, failure only delays success. When you don't achieve the results you initially expected, at least you already know that path can't be taken.

The Nine of Scepters inverted also implies that you need to seek a different approach. It doesn't necessarily imply that you should give up the fight, only that you should change your approach to the situation.

Nine of Scepters inverted means a change in power, a change in position by someone else, a loss of power, and a loss of previous benefits. Losing your job, being struggled, losing your original position, or being demoted and losing your job. Pay cuts and exploitation of former benefits.

In terms of the mind, it means that what you feared has finally come true and you now have to face it. Various other aspects will also be met with adversity, and there will be many obstacles and hindrances to overcome. Even greater challenges will be encountered, and many things will not go smoothly, most likely delayed, rescheduled or adjourned or suspended. You are also not healthy enough in the aspect of life, so you need to pay more attention.

Wealth-wise, you may have been fighting long and hard to break even, and are about to collapse. It's time to take a break through the weekend or a short vacation to reward your long and constant efforts. When the Nine of Sceptres is in Retrograde, you may be expected to overcome a never-ending stream of difficulties, but give back very little in return. Taking a break should help you clarify your goals and awaken your enthusiasm for the future.

Life makes sense because past behavior has left you feeling drained of energy and exhausted. Perhaps all along you've been trying too many things in one sitting, and now is the time to go for a simpler, less stressful lifestyle. A persistent dilemma could be the cause of your delayed recovery, and a short break could rejuvenate you and even strengthen your resolve for the future. Returning to the Eight of Scepters in positive position will give you a chance to rest and relax, but also rebuild your physical energy and increase your vitality level.

A reversed Nine of Scepters card shows that the problem has become so large that it exceeds your physical strength and your confrontation has failed. Strong attitudes sway the outcome. When reversed cards appear, they indicate that you are deeply afflicted by fear or doubt.

One of my clients, Sarah, was raised by an alcoholic father. He would beat her for no reason, brutally. When she was five years old, she learned to run away when she was attacked. It was a good survival mechanism for a young child, and it's what kept her alive today. Unfortunately, she didn't adjust her defense mechanism and when her current relationship went south, she immediately ran away. All she knows how to do is grab her purse and flee the house until no one can find her the next day.

She's thirty-seven years old, and her fears and the way she copes with them have gotten in the way of developing a further relationship with her husband. She needs to return to the subject of the Eight of Sceptres in positive position to experience a period of freedom and comfort in her life.

Core Tip

The Nine of Scepters itself means to wait, and when reversed, the connotation of delay is even stronger.
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Knowledge Expansion

When experiencing too much stress, taking a short break and meditating can help you come out of it.
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Card Meaning Extension

The backlog of work or important but not urgent things, at a certain point in time to focus on the explosion, usually have to be more proactive rainy day
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