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Nine of Wands Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Think differently and reevaluate current commitments

Card Details:

A burly man leans on a long staff and seems to be waiting for something. His head is bandaged, showing that he has been wounded in past battles and has not yet recovered. But he is undaunted, and still waiting with baited breath for the next wave of the enemy to come. Behind him stood eight scepters, well organized, like a fence, surrounding the home that the strong man was guarding.

The scepters of this wall of protection are of varying heights, about the same distance from each other, yet the tallest center scepter is spaced out with a gap, and the protagonist stands in front of this gap, his entire body and scepter combined as one, a pillar to patch up this line of defense. You could also say that they are departing from this wall and creating disjointed gaps.

First, we take a closer look at the stout man's stature and demeanor; his eyes are very alert, his muscles are strong, his posture is tense, and his shoulders are slightly shrugged. The fact that he has not yet recovered from the wounds left by the previous battle, yet he is still actively preparing for battle, all of these show his alertness, as well as his stubborn perseverance. Thus, while the Nine of Scepters usually indicates a state of preparation under pressure, it is only in such a posture that a person's endurance can be truly tested.

The wound on his head, despite the physical damage it brought him, could be seen as a valuable experience. Because of the vigilance of an old wound, he will be better able to protect himself in the next battle. The Nine of Sceptres can also represent physical trauma, especially to the head.

Card Meaning Deduction:

A man stands before the eight scepters and grasps the ninth. His troubled gaze sweeps to the right over those of the past. The bandage on his head indicates that what he has done in the past has not been entirely successful. This is the first time anyone in the scepter group is looking back.

Even though existing problems are expected to be solved in the future, this man is now looking back at his past actions in order to see how he came to be where he is today. He has grown to know that all actions have consequences, as if his present life is the result of past actions and his future life is guided by present decisions and actions.

This card represents a gradual realization of how important it is to focus on commitment and purpose. Instead of planting five hundred mixed seeds in anticipation of good results, it's better to carefully evaluate cultivating only one particular variety and tending them with care to enjoy the harvest that comes from that cultivation.

Defense is also one of the primary meanings of the Nine of Sceptres. The eight scepters erected behind him were like his resources or backing, but he trembled, not daring to ignore the forces on the opposing side in the slightest, and defending them to the end, no matter what.

When the Nine of Scepters is drawn, the person in question has usually been challenged in the past, and the future is uncertain. It is important that the person in question learns from the beliefs of this strong man, to be careful and not to be overly ambitious. Being tough may be useful at this time. Perseverance is even more indispensable in the face of challenges. We don't know when the enemy will strike and must always remain ready for battle, as the saying goes: opportunity comes to those who are ready.

The Nine of Sceptres depicts a strong, forceful and alert person. His tendency to fight in the face of problems can limit his ability to be pleasant. When the Nine of Sceptres appears, it suggests a pattern of conflict in your life. A series of fights has developed into a physical and emotional pattern, and he now needs another conflict to satisfy his craving for excitement. This craving is addictive, so he needs to spend more time thinking about past actions in order to decide which ones worked and which ones were wasted.

He looks for conflict everywhere, but can't see that the source of the conflict is internal. You may impose unwanted and unacceptable parts of yourself on others (this phenomenon will appear more clearly in the Devil card of the Major Arcana). In this way, you will have a source of hostility that you touch and see, not just a thought, a fear or a feeling. However, if you continue to seek conflict, you will not be able to come to terms with the root cause of the problem.

The Nine of Scepters is a card used to measure your past failures and successes and to decide what to do in the future. He begins by making you perceive that not everything you try will work out, and that this is a time when you must discard some incomplete plans in your life.

Wealth-wise, the Nine of Scepters in positive position is a phase of reevaluating your possessions with care. Be aware of the impact of your decisions and as financial outcomes. Perhaps a financial setback has made you realize how easily you will lose money by investing unwisely.

In a life sense, after the recession, you have finally come to the realization of how much energy you have squandered in the past. Now is the time to defend the energy, reserve it, and pave the way for a comfortable process for the future. Problems in life arise as a consequence of past decisions and actions.

In relationship divination, the Nine of Scepters cannot be considered a good omen; when talking about a relationship involves 'defense', 'preparing for war', 'getting hurt', and 'waiting for the enemy', the quality of the relationship is predictable. Maybe you want to show perseverance, but hard work is always inevitable.

The Nine of Sceptres indicates that you view your partner or gender relationships in general with a cautious attitude. Perhaps you've been hurt by your partner or haven't resolved past relationships, so you can't honestly commit to your current partner. This card points to the need to examine the past and gauge your commitment to your current relationship.

For example, John is not sure about his relationship with Greta. He loves her and wants to marry her, but realizes that this means that the shape of his life will have to change. In particular, he is considering whether to remain a flight attendant. He enjoys the work and has been able to escape the constraints and monotony of hard work that characterize his approach to many relationships. He is weighing his past commitments and deciding where to focus in the future. He realizes that the constraints of his job may be getting in the way of his relationship with Greta. A deeper commitment to Greta means giving up other engagements.

In another example, Brenda and her husband sold their business after they had lost a lot of money and were working fifty hours a week for fifteen months. She wanted to start another small business and was naturally very cautious in her attitude. The presence of the Nine of Sceptres reflects her attitude towards undertaking something new.

Core Tip

The Nine of Scepters is not a good time to recognize and make good use of your own resources (the eight scepters behind you), and you can get twice the result with half the effort. Past experience and knowledge can be put to use at this time.
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Knowledge Expansion

It is better not to make any major changes for the time being, but also to take advantage of the present time to save up or save up, because there will be a difficult road to go, calmly respond to the battle and believe in yourself, in order to get through it smoothly.
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Card Meaning Extension

Adversity in the Nine of Scepters usually has to be faced by the person concerned alone.
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