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Page of Wands Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Actions speak louder than words. It's better to think about it a thousand times than to do it once.

Card Details:

The reversed position of the Scepter Squire indicates the Squire's own problems, his own inability to stand on his own feet, making it difficult to make things happen. Because of his inexperience as a novice, he will be too naïve, uninformed, and immature, and will seem rushed when faced with a big situation because of his unfamiliarity. He is indecisive and indecisive and fickle, just like this swaying pillar, making people sweat for him. The scepter is already difficult to stand firmly, and even if he tries to lift it up, the result will be that the person and the scepter will fall to the ground together, and he will even be crushed by the scepter.

The scepter serves in the reverse position, and the direction of the scepter has no purpose or focus, so it turns into a chaotic and furtive situation. It is very difficult to keep the scepter in one's possession. Due to over-excitement, it is easy to forget oneself for a moment and make a mistake. There are no guidelines for your actions, and you are often wrong in your speculations and cannot find a way to do things, or you are just reading from the same book and lacking creativity. It's not a pleasant sight to have the scepter overturned. Feeling hurt and deprived of the scepter, you look annoyed and unhappy, and your heart is full of reluctance.

Like a spoiled child, the Scepter Retrograde may become unruly. If he is a lover, he may blindly enter into a relationship and leave it again because he doesn't know what he wants. His curious streak can make him greedy and chew on more than he can chew, keeping everything just three minutes hot. On the other hand, he may lose his curiosity and enthusiasm and have little interest in anything, rejecting great opportunities, rejecting new things and not wanting to have fun. If it is an event, it means bad news or news that will mislead you.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Scepter Retrograde means too much thinking and not enough action or indecisiveness. The air element of the Squire makes it want to know all the details - why, what, when, where, and who - and that alone is enough to stall the start of action.

The Attendant reversed can also represent a child, or someone under twenty-two years of age. This person lacks some of the fervor and passion represented by the square Attendant, and this may be suppressed by environment or upbringing.

They may be demanding, impatient, reckless as well as undignified. This is the Squire who returns home from school after an accident in gym class, after having his leg wrapped in a cast. The point of the Sceptered Squire Reversed is that this person is naturally indolent and lazy. He/she has a tendency to be bossy and competitive with friends. A retrograde squire could also represent a teenager who yells so loudly that nearby neighbors want to secretly beat him up.

An orthogonal attendant means that you quickly give shape to your plans, while a retrograde attendant suggests that you spend too much time planning, and relatively less time realizing your plans. So hesitating before acting is another meaning of this card.

When the Squire of Scepters has a sense of frustration, he/she may give up on the pursuit of the goal and move on to other targets. It is always a good idea to growl loudly when frustrated. But the positive and aggressive type is the one who will look for other targets or become more decisive in reaching the initial goal and challenging himself/herself.

The Sceptre will give a positive impression from the start and will be quick to tell newcomers about their current goals, but often wastes energy discussing them and is not focused on pursuing the desired goal. When resistance is encountered, the Sceptred Servant displays an aimless enthusiasm, and instead of clearing obstacles, may become irritated and violently attack those who approach them. Then again, he is fidgety, and this may cause him to give up on the desired goal at the first hurdle.

In the algorithm of gender relationships, the Reversed Servant card can denote an unpredictable young man whose fiery nature or a little inattention can stall a gender relationship before it reaches its peak.

The relationship described by this card is one that ends prematurely due to unrestrained fervor and passion, or the need for one of the partners to be constantly challenged.

The presence of this card reversed in a horoscope represents a situation where things are not going well, or even facing an out-of-control situation. This card inverted also represents criticism and negativity, or else bad news, some gossip. When the card is reversed, you will also encounter people behind your back chewing on you, spreading gossip and privacy about you.

In the relationship aspect, will meet reckless white aim people, cause harm to you. Academics will be because of the emotional situation, indulgence and sadness of the mind, not to concentrate on the homework itself, and therefore easy to regress.

Core Tip

A reversed Scepter indicates a delay in embarking on a new program, perhaps being distracted by current needs. Sometimes it also suggests a fear of embarking on a new plan, and therefore hesitation before acting on it.
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Knowledge Expansion

Scepter Squire can describe a lack of ability to start something new, or a delay in sources that could help you embark on a new program.
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Card Meaning Extension

The reversal of the Scepter's Servant shows the failure of a task, with results that feel a little bad, and are especially unfavorable for career and money.
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