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by MoMoTarot

New challenges, new news, leaping dreams

Card Details:

The Scepter Squire leans his scepter on the ground and looks curiously at the top of it as if studying something. His costume is a bright, vibrant yellow with the Scepter family totem fire lizard on his tunic; some of the lizards' mouths don't actually bite into the tail, creating an incomplete loop, but others do, showing that the squire, though not yet as mature as the King, already has a completed aspect to his nature. In the background is the desert and the three pyramids.

Squire Scepter is the most mischievous of little children, much like the Fool in a way. He is full of energy, gets into trouble everywhere, loves to try all sorts of new tricks, and explores games all over the place to keep his mom beckoned. He is very enthusiastic, innocent, lively, honest, frank, natural, uncontrived, and has the zeal of a new-born calf. If he is an adult, he is bound to have a heart of gold and may enjoy mischief. His position is usually not very high, but he is enthusiastic and interested in his work.

A Scepter's specific task is to transport and protect the Scepter, or to carry messages about it. Because of this position, this card represents a messenger or a person who carries messages or messages related to transportation, courier, handling, and tends to favor messages related to emotions. It can represent a letter carrier, someone who carries important messages, a messenger, or even a secret agent or spy. For one's personal life, it can represent carrying documents or passes related to identity and credentialing, as well as personal business cards and such items.

The Scepter Servant is a person who aspires to get a scepter, and who takes on the job of keeping it in order to do so, carefully learning how to work it, and so is related to the simulation of power. This Scepter Servant tilts his head as if he is reading a message. This was one of the things he had learned about giving orders, yet at the moment it was not really a voice for his own sounding authority, but a voice for others. He was eager to make contact, expecting himself to hone in on maturity.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Scepter Servant symbolizes the news or beginning of a new program or challenge. It means the beginning of a marquee new life situation or new program. It usually consists of a physical action to begin doing something. The Squire of the Tarot can describe a child or anyone under the age of twenty-two.

This type of person is usually outgoing, athletic, enthusiastic, outspoken and easy-going. He/she enjoys sports, pursuing physical limits and the outdoors. The Scepter type is noisy and disorganized at home and has been so since childhood. This attendant card reflects a spontaneous need to be rewarded, and competition doesn't make him timid, it only makes her more focused on the goals he desires.

The Scepter describes an action that can feel rejuvenating when embarking on a new endeavor. Although nervous about taking action, he is still passionate and enthusiastic, eager to explore useful experiences and embark on new adventures.

The Scepter is so enthusiastic that you can think of him as a firecracker's flame who doesn't think twice before getting involved in anything. He's like a Gemini, a bit eccentric, very fickle, playful, creative, dramatic, warm, yet unstable. When you look at this card, think of him as a child, jumping up and down on a cluttered table, throwing drawing utensils, books, papers, half-eaten carrots, and other bits and pieces around. You can't beat him, but he won't last.

The Squire represents the wind part of the deck and the Scepter card represents fire. The Sceptered Servant then symbolizes the element of wind in fire. From a general point of view, this means the combination of ideas and actions to embark on a new program or to meet a new challenge, or in other words, to plan for what you intend to do. It means that thought precedes action and an idea or plan is being formed. This card indicates that you are dreaming or thinking about what you will achieve and the challenges that lie ahead. It can also describe the action of embarking on a program, as the Scepter type does not like to be idle.

The Scepter of Scepters means starting a new relationship or entering a new phase in an existing relationship. This new phase requires more physical effort, as Scepter types need to be physically active so that they feel their efforts are worthwhile.

If this card represents a child, he is usually moody, energetic, enthusiastic, active and often noisy. You know how high the decibels are when this child is around the house. This child likes to stay outdoors and may have a hard time finding entertainment on rainy days.

Such a character forms a straightforward and upright person with a strong sense of action. He treats people with warmth and kindness, but just doesn't quite understand how they feel. He is also loyal and devoted. He is helpful and a friend who can be trusted, even by strangers, and is full of warmth and goodwill. He is also very willing to give and consistent in his relationships, making him a good lover, and also represents someone who is very caring and considerate of his family.

The Sceptre Attendant means it is time to start something new. It is the act of embarking on a new program or journey (if there are other travel cards in the deck) and will point you in a new direction. When the Scepter of Scepters is in the deck and you are over twenty-two, it describes the action of wanting to take control of something new - a new job, or a new way of dealing with a situation. The situation is that you feel young again.

In specific events, the Sceptre Attendant indicates that good or important news is on the way, and you may need to probe for action right away. Or it indicates that the person is avidly exploring new areas, starting new programs, or developing new interests. It also means that the querent will enjoy a wonderful vacation or trip in the near future. If the query is about a person, the person is enthusiastic, lively and full of energy. Another possibility is that the person is leading a simple, happy, stress-free life; play along.

The enthusiasm of the Scepter Squire is helpful for growth, and there is something to be said for academics and career execution. The money aspect is adventurous in nature and risks are present. Special matters related to this Scepter card on the career level are: taking up positions and acting on behalf of others. In addition, this Scepter attendant holds a Scepter in his hand, indicating that he holds strong evidence or a confession in his hand.

In the algorithm of gender relations, the Scepter can simply indicate the nature of the person in question. For example, a young man who is passionate but sometimes impatient. Used to describe a relationship between the sexes, the Squire card describes a passionate interaction, filled with outdoor pursuits and requiring a great deal of physical stamina.

Core Tip

The Sceptered Squire is Fire in the element of Wind in the Four Elements. The combination of intellect and passion describes an enthusiastic, zealous and independent young man. Unfolds plans with independence and enthusiasm.
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Knowledge Expansion

Sceptered Squire is the frank friend who dares to tell you the truth, and you can tell him the truth too. He is fun to be with as a lover, but is just young and uncertain of heart. His faults, on the other hand, are carelessness or childishness.
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Card Meaning Extension

If the Waiter card appears in a spread it may symbolize new news through a letter, phone call or message. However, the Sign of the Valet is often used to describe the beginning of a new program or a new direction in life.
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