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Queen of Wands Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

The power of the mind to achieve success through inner strength.

Card Details:

The Queen of Scepters sits on a throne wearing a crown of blooming green leaves and a sunny golden costume. She has a strong physique and her legs are spread, suggesting sexual energy. Her left hand holds a sunflower, symbolizing light and joy and suggesting her ability to rule over nature. Her right hand holds a scepter and her gaze is to the left. The arms of the throne are two lions, symbolizing the scepter queen's ability to control the beast within. The fire lion totem and sunflower appear again on the drapery hanging behind her.

In front of her is a black cat guardian, symbolizing inspiration and intuition. In Christian culture, the black cat is the guardian of witches, and here the black cat also seems to be protecting the Queen of Scepter from harm. There are three pyramids in the distance, while the sky is a light blue color that is both bright and peaceful.

The sunflowers above this card symbolize her energy and positive attitude, and the lions on either side of the throne represent her inner strength. The Lion can be seen again in the Power card, and both the Power card and the Queen of Scepters symbolize Leo. Another card with the same symbol in astrology is the Sun.

The Queen of Scepters depicts a woman over the age of twenty-two with a warm and friendly nature who acts on her feelings and uses her inner strength to achieve her goals. She is a positive and confident person with strong sales skills and plenty of enthusiasm. She likes to act more than think.

Card Meaning Deduction:

This card represents a woman with enthusiasm, full of energy and dynamism, who is straightforward and naïve, with a direct and clear style of action. She can be a little intimidating at times and has a strong personality. She values practical success and glory and is concerned with the social aspect. From the picture, it seems that this is a stronger woman with extreme self confidence and possesses sincerity and zeal.

Waite sees the Queen of Sceptres as a peasant woman, affectionate, generous, loyal, warm and welcoming, with a sunny and cheerful disposition, usually fond of children and plants. She is the most outgoing and good-natured of the four Queens. She may speak with dramatic expressions and gestures, and sings and writes well. In terms of relationships, she is well traveled and well liked. The Queen of Sceptres is outgoing and brash, courageous and energetic, a woman of the world. If she were a flatmate, she would be like the vivacious sunshine girl.

She would be an approachable but leading elder or boss, a strong woman with a successful career and a talent for motivating others. She will also be a modern mom who takes her children everywhere and interacts with them like a friend. Even when she gets angry, it comes and goes quickly and she doesn't hold grudges.

After spending time with her, you can see that the Queen of Scepters has always been straightforward, not beating around the bush or keeping things bottled up. If help is needed, she will show eagerness, can be a bit of a henpecked bitch, and is sometimes even more anxious than the person in question. She is emotionally intense, a fiery lover, and is usually very attractive to the opposite sex. She can be seen at parties talking eloquently about the south of the world, mingling with strangers and being the center of attention.

She is energetic and radiant, yet restless. Enthusiastic, warm, loyal, passionate, independent and energetic. Sometimes a three-minute man, but not lacking in determination. She is as good as a steam locomotive, though not always deciding on a course before the engine starts. She is more down-to-earth than the Queen of Cups and more lively than the Queen of Coins. She does not conform to social norms or customs, has a rebellious streak, and may be an innovator (and if so, it will be out of emotion or experience rather than rational thought). This woman is simply energetic, and not only can she keep the house in order, but she can also develop many interests at once. Because she knows a lot and is lively and kind, many people would like to make friends with her. However, don't try to take advantage of her or take advantage of her, she will not be merciless when she discovers it, and will criticize her for it.

Such a scepter queen is full of self-confidence style, she can be sincere interest in others concerned, friendly and sympathetic, often active and enthusiastic to help others, public service, integrity and cynicism. In the face of love, she is always affectionate and eager, and full of charm, however, she least like to drag the mud more like ambiguous or complicated relationship, yearning for pure and chaste love.

The scepter symbolizes passionate energy and worldly power, career development, and this queen, holding a scepter in her hand, represents a woman with a career. She enjoys her work and is seriously involved in her favorite field. Her attitude is responsible and dedicated, independent and enterprising, and her performance in the workplace is unrivaled. She can also be described as a strong woman. She places great value on honor, may be facetious, career-minded, or power-hungry.

The Queen of Sceptre is usually generous, heroic, straightforward, enthusiastic, bold and independent. He is down-to-earth, industrious, motivated, has the ability to inspire others and is naturally intuitive. His reserves of energy are enough to keep him going even after everyone else has given up. Describes a woman who will give as much as she gets. She will defend herself strongly if you upset her and will fight for your interests if you are the victim of injustice.

The Queen of Sceptres can be said to succeed through inner strength and confidence. Courage will help you reach your goals when you face adversity. This card represents the sign of Leo, and the personality traits of Leo (whether man or woman) are more pronounced when the card is accompanied by the Sun and/or the Power card in the shape of the card. The Queen of Scepters is a natural teacher and explorer, she can be high willed by challenges and loves to push boundaries. She is a model of confidence and always manages to show courage before doom. She is often thick-skinned, yet candid and determined.

The Queen of Sceptre represents success through inner strength and represents the water element within the fire element. In other words, she gets the lessons of fire in the way of water, which permeates our lives through feelings, emotions and perceptions. Fire people will aggressively seek out goals, while water people pull opportunities towards them through desire, deliberation and patience. This combination of fire and water allows the Empress to first create the desire within her, and by doing so, pulls what she desires towards her. The fiery approach to life is evident in her posture and determined gaze. The Queen of Sceptre represents a woman who is both strong and outspoken. She enjoys her independent nature and will encourage those around her to do the same. She is willing to act and organize, and may ignore the fact that sometimes people don't ask for her help.

In a gender analysis, the Queen of Sceptres describes a woman who is honest, enthusiastic, and enjoys pursuing a partner. She likes to be challenged, and when things are going too well, she can get into trouble for the sake of excitement. She enjoys sports and physical training, and prefers a partner who is up for a challenge. She needs to have a lot of personal freedom, and when given that, she will have a vibrancy and vitality that no other Empress can match.

The Queen of Scepters, combined with the Sun and/or the Power cards, describes a Leo relationship dilemma. This involves trading a gender relationship for career success, or a career for a gender relationship. It's a seesaw tug-of-war situation of sorts of arrangement. The important thing is to find strength in love, that is, to have an intimate relationship in which neither you dominate others nor others dominate you.

The presence of this card in divination most often represents a figure related to the problem, who possesses the qualities and roles described above, and is helpful to men and affectionate to women. If interpreted as a state of affairs, it describes the phenomenon of being aggressive and successful. This card may indicate the subject's own smooth way of handling her career, or it may indicate charisma and authority.

Overall, this is a good card, especially in the handling of affairs, especially personnel operations. Financial management can also be well organized, and the desire to make money can also generate a good income. In terms of relationships, this card represents passionate, charming and attractive love. You will have a wide range of interpersonal relationships. As for studies, you can have the will to struggle and perform well.

Core Tip

The Queen of Sceptre is Fire in the element of Water in the four elements. Sympathy combined with zeal describes a woman who is passionate, outspoken, honest and enthusiastic. Successful due to self-confidence and inner strength.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Queen of Sceptres represents reaching success through inner strength. Believing in what you do and doing what you believe in can help you understand your goals.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Queen of Scepters of Light can be a very positive card representing abundance, joy and wealth. Practicalities may include increased income, profitable investments, and spending happy times.
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