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Seven of Wands Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Not enough energy to deal with many challenges

Card Details

The Seven of Scepters, in its reversed position, is in a state of inferiority and is being pressed by many affairs. The picture of the reversed position says that the scepter of the protagonist is overwhelmed by the six scepters of the others, which is tantamount to being defeated and pulled down. This indicates a situation that is difficult to resolve, a momentary loss of momentum and being crushed, defeated and knocked down to the ground. This is an embarrassing situation that shows how easy it is to lose ground in the conduct of business and plans.

This card is reversed, representing a lack of resilience and the inability to resolve things in a timely manner. So many sticks indicate that things are overwhelmed and troubles keep coming up. Because of the urgency of the situation, there will be panic, often with a sense of shock or anxiety. Symbolizes being caught in the middle of confusion, with a blank mind.

With the Seven of Sceptres inverted, the man who used to be in a favorable position falls to the bottom, and the situation is unfavorable. The man may become a deserter on the battlefield or a coward in love affairs. Losing his self-confidence, the man becomes vulnerable. In a battle where he had a great chance to win, the soldier is so weak that he seems doomed to fail to return. At this point, the reader should first find out whether the battle is worth fighting. If you analyze the objective conditions calmly, you can expect to succeed, and the problem lies only in your own weak mentality, then you should be firm in your will, and you can still turn the situation around. If the objective conditions of this battle are very poor, then it is better to protect oneself.

Card meanings deduced

The reversed Seven of Scepters describes you gradually being crushed by the obstacles that lie in front of you. Perhaps you are being asked to fulfill everyone's needs in a limited amount of time. And the result of being involved in everything is that it drains your physical or mental energy. It's time to return to the stability of the Six of Sceptres in the positive in order to have a stronger structure to keep things moving smoothly. Instead of holding on to as many goals as you are now, it would be better to let some go, and just keep the ones you are sure are what you need.

The reversed Seven of Sceptres indicates that you don't have enough energy to cope with the challenges you face. You may not be able to overcome opposition and become anxious, indecisive or depressed.

The reversed Seven of Scepters suggests this is the time to let go of old attitudes, especially those that limit you. Perhaps you are using outdated methods to cope with new circumstances or you are still seeing yourself as the young you of old.

In terms of wealth implications, it seems that you need to settle debts that are too much in excess of your current income. You must take advantage of returning to the Six of Sceptres to reduce your expenses. Now you should be focusing on those things you can afford so that you can get back to a financially solid lifestyle. You may also be feeling financially overwhelmed for a while at this stage, so it's important to remove some unnecessary needs.

The reversed Seven of Sceptres means that the energy of the physical body has reached a low water mark. This could be due to the stress of long term heavy responsibilities. Perhaps you're already trying to balance relationships, or family commitments, with overtime.

When Elaine picked this reversed Seven of Sceptres, it proved to be a forty-five hour week at the office, while caring for her elderly mother, who was suffering from early onset Alzheimer's disease. Most weekend nights Elaine has to help her mother cook and clean before going home, and then do the same thing when she gets back to her own family.

If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten in the past. In other words, if you want a new result, then try a new approach.

All the reversed sevens in the tarot deck have the meaning of "don't insist". This card emphasizes the need to stop supporting an outdated belief system. It means not to become obsessed with the past.

The reversed Seven of Scepters indicates a decision to be made. When the course of action is decided, the natural confidence of the Scepter returns to overcome the difficulties at hand.

I took my solitaire with me on a six-month trip to London to try to earn some travel money. At first I borrowed a portable card table to set up stalls in various markets, from the small local garden party to the market on Portobello Road. After a month of bad weather coupled with early mornings starting at 6am, I was so tired that I decided I needed a new approach.

I bought some alternative living magazines and sat down to read them over a cup of tea. I called places around London that counted tarot cards, but none of them needed me. Then I called rehab centers that didn't offer tarot cards in hopes of renting a room. I found this well-established center, not more than twelve minutes away from where I lived, and settled down to count my tarot cards there for the rest of my stay.

Had I remained in the market, I would probably have been frustrated and poor. By changing my method, I was able to do my readings in a comfortable environment, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

Core Tip

The reversed Seven of Scepters represents stress due to overcommitment in the past.
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Knowledge Expansion

Describes not making a decision because of indecisiveness, making the situation more serious, or making a wrong decision that results in a loss.
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Card Meaning Extension

This could be an opportunity for you to profit from a new market or investment, but is hindered by the way you've done things in the past and is prone to delays due to hesitation.
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