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Seven of Wands Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Resilient, uniquely challenged and charismatic

Card Details

The man in green stands on the top of a verdant mountain, holding a scepter and struggling to meet the six scepters of the enemy attacking from below. He holds his right hand high, his expression resolute.

Being on the heights he firmly defends his position, and the fact that he has one foot in a shoe and one in a boot implies that he is probably dressed in a hurry. The shoes he wears also represent that there is currently a tug of war between the stability of the Sixth Scepter and the freedom of the Eighth Scepter. Is he dressed to represent a state of stability or to meet a challenge?

The blue sky implies that this is a conflict of his choosing, rather than a forced state. Perhaps this was a time when he wanted to expand his career, be pushed to compete in sports, and succeed in his exam results, or maybe he was now working on a job where he had to be fancy on the one hand, and on the other hand study well in the subject matter in order to get a better job in the future.

Look carefully at the warrior's feet on each side of the stream; the right foot is on the edge of the high ground, which is rugged and undulating, indicating a dominant but actually uncomfortable position, while the left foot is partly on the stream, presenting a feeling of power to save the day.

He raises the scepter, but does not yet strike it down, but holds his defensive position, and the victory is not yet clear. But this is not a stalemate like the melee of Scepter Five, but rather a matter of whether one can muster the courage and determination to fight on when faced with conflict and confrontation.

When the Seven of Sceptres is drawn, things may seem tricky, and perhaps you're unsure, but remember that no matter how helpless you feel, things aren't as scary as you think they are. Just be like the man in the picture and show determination to take the plunge and the road to success will open up for you.

Challenges come up in life all the time. Some people choose to run away, some choose to face them, and the man in green is the one who chooses to stick to his guns. He was alone, but he stood tall and had a favorable position, so the enemy was not so easy to attack. Thus the seventh scepter is telling us not to be afraid to face the challenge, although helpless, as long as we stick to the end, the success rate is still very high.

Card Meaning Deduction

Like the Five of Scepters, the Seven of Scepters is a card representing conflict. The purpose of all visible activity may be war in itself, for the person on the card carries an expression of determination and passion. Defending his territory may be tough, but it is still within his grasp and he may love the challenge. Don't forget that the Scepter type likes to wrestle and give it everything he's got, which can be invigorating to those of a fiery nature. This kind of fighting makes the Scepter type feel alive. The Seven of Scepters may suggest that those around you are opposed to your ideas or plans, but you will surely succeed if you keep trying and don't give up.

All the sevens in the Tarot mean "don't give up". Although the challenges are greater than ever before, the Seven of Scepters indicates that you will be more committed to the task at hand. The message of the Seven of Scepters is "Don't give up". Keep pushing forward and you will be rewarded with success. The energy and action you put into accomplishing your goals will be worth it.

The Seven of Scepter represents the ability to break through difficulties and succeed by using your own strength against all other forces. In times of urgent danger, using your intelligence as well as your reflexes to stand up to everything is an unparalleled act of courage and skill, capable of standing up to all forces.

This card shows the urgency and tension of the situation, so that people can not be prepared or overwhelmed, in this kind of dangerous and urgent situation, need to face a lot of things at the same time, to unify these chaotic situation, as the figure must be suppressed in six directions. This requires boldness and haste, as well as familiarity with the environment and mastery of the situation, which is the result of a moment of alertness and hasty decisions.

This card indicates that despite the difficulty of the situation, one is able to solve things in a hurry, understanding and mastering the key to solving the problem. The card also shows that you can utilize what you have learned and your existing strengths and abilities, and finally get through the situation. The positive card means that anything can be solved, and that the gloom will finally be broken and the danger will be broken.

This card also indicates the completion of a difficult task, where the burden is heavy but the use of wit and reflexes solves the problem and allows things to proceed successfully. If you have a chance, you should hold on to it and do it right away. Although it is an impossible task, you can still accomplish it. This requires a strong will to fight, and a lot of drive and determination. The protagonist is a man of great courage and commitment, a man of wisdom and strategy, a man of perseverance and tenacity. He has strong decision-making and leadership skills. Although he does not have the ability to run a business in the long term, he has the ability to cope with difficulties.

This card also represents further success, as well as superiority of position and situation. The young man is located on the highest point, with a high advantage, and therefore able to avoid attacks from above. His enemies will not be able to match him because of the opportunity to win, which guarantees success, victory and gain.

The Seven of Scepters also denotes a competitive situation, even a conflict or battle, or perhaps an argument over words or language. This card has a strong sense of action and can be very impulsive, yet it is also a card of power and wisdom, and on an intellectual level, it represents discussions or business negotiations, mostly in terms of deals or trade.

The Seven of Scepters indicates that you need a bigger challenge. In business, it indicates moves to explore interstate or overseas markets. New markets will bring you new challenges and problems to overcome. It can also indicate that now is the time to diversify your career. The Seven of Sceptres can also indicate that at some point, you work two jobs in order to save money for an overseas vacation and pay a deposit on a house. If you work hard, you will be paid for these in the end.

The Seven of Sceptres in the position of the environment reveals that there are oppositions in the environment that need to be overcome, perhaps at this time someone opposes you or wants to challenge you.

Some people choose to remain silent in the face of dissenting voices, while others choose to stand up for themselves. The attitude of the Seven of Sceptres is to stand firm and defend your rights. If you are certain that your position is justified, choose the good and stand firm.

In the algorithm of gender relations, the Seven of Sceptres can indicate that one of the partners in a certain situation defends their beliefs or actions from time to time. Simply put, he indicates that a greater challenge has arisen in your relationship. For example, a newborn baby can heighten tensions and challenges until the child grows up and your family adapts to the change. The Seven of Scepters also signifies that the relationship will present greater challenges in the form of reaching higher levels of commitment. Perhaps you haven't experienced this level of commitment before, so it will feel like a challenge at first.

In academic and career divination, the Seven of Sceptres signifies the possibility of success through determination and courage, but in relationship divination, the Seven of Sceptres is not happy to appear. If the two parties are in conflict and confrontation as described by the Seven of Scepter, and if they don't tolerate and listen to each other, how can they open their hearts for each other? You defend me, I attack you, when will the arguments stop? The situation will be even worse if you meet other cards of broken romance together (such as the Three of Swords or the Five of Cups).

In terms of money significance, the Seven of Scepters represents your triumph over the challenge at hand. It also represents that you should be clarifying your obligations and responsibilities in money matters. Although life is challenging at the moment, you still have room to pursue the lifestyle you want. This card means that now is the time for you to increase your investment budget or you will succeed in expanding your current investments.

Health-wise the meaning is that you are still in control of your health right now, but you do have a challenging life ahead of you. The usually positive [Seven] shows that you are very focused on your goals and you are using your energy efficiently.

Core Tip

The Seven of Sceptres suggests success through perseverance and represents that you are defending or taking on something, perhaps your position, beliefs or stance. The square indicates that the situation is currently in your favor, but hard work and sweat are inevitable.
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Knowledge Expansion

If the seeker is facing a major challenge, obstacle or struggle, it will take a great deal of determination and courage to stay the course in order to succeed.
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Card Meaning Extension

If the querent is preparing to carry out a plan, this card means to carry it out.
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