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Six of Wands Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

False courage and optimism born of fear or vulnerability

Card Details

Reversing the Six of Scepters, the wreath has fallen, the protagonist has lost his honor is no longer embraced, representing a loss of status. It can even be seen as the protagonist falling off his horse, falling off his horse, or perhaps the horse can't be controlled and the horse runs away, a dilemma of making a fool of oneself, especially after enjoying the dignity of having an even greater fall from grace in the minds of others.

Even the direction of the stick has changed, which is tantamount to being blamed by the crowd and even beaten by the group. Because the person in question didn't get the victory he deserved, or the defense of his title was a failure. This of course has to do with the power of public opinion, where high hopes and expectations are met with scorn and disappointment, where there is no recognition but negative comments.

Sometimes this situation may be self-invoked, the disloyal act of facing a powerful enemy and giving up or retreating on the spot, or even defecting and betraying, opening the gateway to enemy incursion, relegating oneself to the dilemma of being criticized by everyone.

The other direction of interpretation is that there is something honorable about losing the game, perhaps a meritorious defeat, but actually a good performance rated highly but not awarded. It is possible that unfavorable playing conditions, or unfair officiating, caused the problem with the results. Even so, it is still a losing situation.

Card meanings deduced

The meaning of the Six of Scepters inverted, first, the victorious knight falls off his horse and becomes a loser. Secondly, self-confidence evolves into pride, and the proud will lose. Thirdly, good news turns into bad news that is unfavorable to the person concerned. Fourth, belated success. Six of Sceptre brings an important topic is, even if you are successful, you should know how to be humble, because there is a success, there must be many failures, who knows you will not be the next one?

The Six of Scepter when reversed means that your plans will not work out. You may be laid off, a certain discipline will be pawned off, separated from your partner, or simply give up on your plans. Now is the time to return to the orthogonal Five of Scepters and examine whether you are focusing on the right direction. Perhaps it's because you're spreading your energies too thinly in too many directions and it's preventing you from engaging in your plans effectively.

The reversed Six of Scepters represents false courage and optimism born of fear or vulnerability, with the result that what is pursued rarely succeeds or succeeds only briefly. Every thought and attitude you put your energy into will grow and develop into something concrete, so those negative thoughts, defeatism, and doubts will produce corresponding facts.

A reversal is the opposite of a positive and indicates the arrival of bad news. Of course it could also be the uncertainty of the news, which causes inner trepidation due to the delay in the news of how it will end. This represents the postponement of uncertainty, the indefinite prolongation of events, the delayed wish being fulfilled. Orthogonal is anticipation, and retrograde is the expectation falling short, with the potential to become a hang-up or even a fear. These represent problems in terms of results, whether it is the uncertainty of the harvest or only superficial benefits that become giveaways rather than very substantial rewards.

In the usual way, the reversed Six of Sceptres indicates that it's too soon to give up. You feel too stressed or burdened, lose your expectation of success, and wish for relief from difficult situations. It sometimes means you can't realize the success that should be yours because you give up too soon.

In a money sense, Six of Sceptres Reversed means that you may have embarked on too many goals at once, and are exceeding your capacity and distracting your energy. It doesn't look like it will work out at the moment because you may have given up too soon and ignored your chances, or been forced to focus on another endeavor because you have too many cases to choose from. It's also possible that you've lost confidence in your ability to achieve your goals. In some cases, the reversed Six of Sceptres in financial matters represents that you have too many directions to choose from, and it leaves you without oh-so-much to reach your basic financial goals. Instead, too many choices can distract you from focusing on your main goals.

Regarding the health implications, distracted energy leads to internal depletion, which describes your return to the Five of Sceptres and the chaos that accompanies it. When you tire of the chaos of Five of Scepters, the stability of Six of Scepters then calls to you. Perhaps it's time to weed out those demands or goals that drain your energy with no hope of reward. Perhaps you don't yet understand that as you age, you will gradually outgrow your powers.

When Lazlo chose the Fifth of Scepter in his analysis, I interpreted it to mean that being a full-time cement mason was perhaps no longer a wise choice at his age. Since he was still muscular, as an outdoorsy type, Lazlo always assumed he was still only twenty-three, but he did acknowledge the possibility that he had developed nerve damage in his back, and that reminded him that he was fifty-one.

Core Tip

The Six of Sceptres inversion indicates that the situation is worsening due to scattered energy.
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Knowledge Expansion

A reversed Six of Sceptres indicates a lack of common direction in a relationship that leads to separation.
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Card Meaning Extension

The reversed Six of Scepters can also indicate abandoning someone or something.
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