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Six of Wands Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

A proud and confident attitude towards life

Card Details

The Six of Scepters depicts a victory parade, with the hero wearing a wreath on his head (a symbol of personal power on display at a celebration) and surrounded by his supporters.

The young man, wearing the laurels of victory, rides triumphantly back on a white horse covered in green cloth. He is surrounded by crowds of people who flock around him. The white color represents purity and the horse symbolizes strength. The red tunic symbolizes initiative and enthusiasm. The scepter held by the man is decorated with a wreath of victory flowers. The hard struggle is over, and he now holds his head up high and enjoys his moment of glory.

The six scepters are held by different men, all of them holding them up high, making for a very lively scene. The white horse marches slowly forward, greeted by crowds of people lining the aisle, presenting a front and back embrace. The man's hand holds the scepter tied with a garland of flowers, and his red robes present an imperial atmosphere. Another wreath is placed on his head, and five other scepters can be seen in the picture, held by the men walking beside him. This procession denotes a kind of victory parade. The scepter types harness their fire-like enthusiasm and will that they may share in the thrill of many victories. The clear blue sky is there waiting for those who break through the barriers to victory. After the chaos described in scepter five, comes scepter six, which is all about upright scepters and a sense of harmony and unity, which means that all the energies are harmoniously directed towards a goal, or a purpose agreed upon by all.

The young man is wearing a red cloak, and even the white horse is covered in green brocade, all pointing to the feeling that this is a return to the land of the cloth. The green brocade represents peace and joy. And the man is dressed to symbolize enthusiasm and jubilation, his whole body matching the hue of the scepter, suggesting that he and the scepter in his hand are one, both hung with laurel wreaths. The blue sky is a symbol of clearness.

Look closely at the man's posture, how he holds his head up, full of self-respect, self-love and self-confidence. Confidence is not gained by chance, he is aware of his outstanding abilities, and even more so, he understands that as a leader, he is the object of all people's admiration. He was ambitious, and the fact that he had already achieved his goal made his self-confidence even more profound.

On the other hand, we can also think of the triumphant man riding a white horse as the arrival of good news. Success and progress may also be presented as good news. For example, a long-awaited job offer comes your way, or you learn that the object of your affection is interested in you.

Card meanings deduced

The Six of Scepters represents the attainment of honor and reputation, the attainment of status or promotion. As the image suggests, it is like a triumphant return to one's home town, with the protagonist being greeted and celebrated, as if it were a well-deserved achievement.

We can think of the Six of Scepters as a smaller version of the Chariot, with both representing victory through hard work. There must have been some hard work before the man returned in triumph, and he overcame many obstacles with his zeal (in red). Now that he has returned victorious and enjoys the cheers of the crowd, it has all been worth it. The Six of Scepters is obviously a card that represents victory, usually outwardly, as in the case of a gold medal or a return home. This is because worldly victories are cheered by the crowds, and are sure to enjoy honor and praise from all sides. On the other hand, the progress in spiritual, mental, and spiritual growth is known only to you.

Even if there are no obvious victories or glories, the Six of Sceptres at least represents significant progress in some area. If there is any work at hand, the Six of Sceptres represents progress in work. Preparing for an exam, the Six of Sceptres also represents great progress in strength. Emotionally, it is an even better omen for winning a beautiful woman back.

This card shows being embraced by all, recognized and praised. This is the honor of victory and fame, and this success could be the result of competition. However, it was not due to a battle or a struggle of arms, and even if it was a struggle of arms it was on a fair occasion and not on a real battlefield. It is likely to be the result of prizes won in competitions or contests of other natures, especially literary or intellectual contests, as well as singing, talent, and of course sports competitions or examinations in general. In addition to denoting passing a competition, it also denotes being on the top of an examination list.

It also indicates success and honor, or the completion of an expected task, recognition by the public, and the opportunity for further development. The focus of success is on the sense of accomplishment, honor and fame. This is a popular card that is well regarded. It can represent phenomena such as popularity and fame.

This card is good for all levels and can certainly show that things are going well, careers are progressing smoothly, resources are plentiful and equipment is strong. Travel and entertainment are also relevant and will go smoothly. This card also represents the announcement of good news, the arrival of something expected, the achievement of a desired goal, and the fulfillment of a wish through hard work.

This card also refers specifically to a change in one's status, such as the promotion of a follower to the status of a knight, the awarding of a knighthood, or a promotion or replacement, as shown in the scenario. There are also changes in status, such as an employee becoming a manager or a student becoming a teacher, which can also bring threats from those in power and resentment and jealousy from peers.

In this card, the optimism of Fire leads to a desire and expectation of success. This is not misplaced optimism or false expectations, but a true belief that comes from past successes and self-confidence. The energy needed to accomplish what we want to do is always replenished when we have true faith in ourselves and the possibilities of life. Our success in turn often inspires others to assist or follow us, so in the Six of Scepters card, others follow the victorious.

The Six of Scepters plans may be successful for a while, this is due to self-confidence as well as proper management of abilities. He indicates this is a time for you to believe in yourself and to be practical in your personal abilities to achieve and accomplish your goals. The Six of Sceptres in positive position shows that if you work hard you will be successful.

The Six of Scepters represents a balanced state of health in the analysis of health. If you are asking the Tarot if a particular approach to health is wise, the Six of Scepters is giving you a clear and unambiguous answer, unless there are negative cards around. When Carla comes to ask if her upcoming dental restoration will be a success, the Six of Scepters confirms that it will be.

Monetarily significant, the Six of Scepters indicates financial success. If this card appears in an answer to a question about finances, you can be sure that this is a victory. In discipline and focus you can enjoy the fruits of success in the completion of your plans, it represents the action of harnessing your energy (the six individual scepters) and focusing on the task at hand. The Six of Scepters indicates a promotion at work, confirmation of reaching a goal, or simply a confident attitude toward life.

In one case, Jean-Paul, who was struggling to raise money to expand his business, asked me if any of the banks would be willing to lend him money. I examined the four cards he had chosen, one representing a bank and the third being the Six of Scepters, and told him that this bank would most likely be able to help him. He later determined that this bank would be very happy to help him, and although the other two had accepted its application for a loan, there was a delay in deciding to lend him the money, so he chose the third bank. Suppose you use the cards with a question like, "If I try so-and-so, will I succeed?" If the Six of Scepters is present, the answer will obviously be "yes".

In the algorithm of gender relations, the Six of Scepters confirms that you and your partner have similar goals and that it is possible for you to achieve them. It may indicate that the person in question has the confidence to win a woman over, or that he or she is too focused on saving face to let go of his or her pride. The Six of Sceptres sometimes suggests that you are reaching another new stage in your relationship. For example, you may be getting married or living together, or you may decide to have children.

Gwen was living in Scotland during World War II when she met a young American airman. Six weeks after they fell in love, he was transferred back to the United States. She asks her father for permission to marry him, but he refuses, and Gwen's heart is broken. She did everything she could to leave home to pursue her own life, but never saw her Air Force boyfriend again.

She married and moved to Australia to organize her family. Not a day went by that she didn't miss him over the years, especially after the divorce. In the reading, I saw the airman clearly and suggested that she write to him at his US address before she lost contact with him.

She did so and received a very long letter in return. This airman had been married and divorced and missed her every day after they broke up. He had traveled around the world three times looking for her, but hadn't found her. They came to visit me two months after their reunion. To celebrate their reunion, they left the next day for a trip around the world and gave me a bottle of champagne to share their happiness.

The Six of Scepters appears on the card of relationships, indicating that two people are successful because they share a common goal.

Core Tip

This card shows that if the querent has worked hard for something, the querent will taste success and achieve the goal, not only the querent is satisfied, even the people around him also appreciate things, so this card is a metaphor for promotion or a bright future.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Six of Sceptre's confidence comes from past successes, he is confident in his own abilities, and now his subject is to use this confidence to inspire others, not just focusing on his own successes, but paying more attention to his coworkers or subordinates.
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Card Meaning Extension

When surrounded by cards that indicate spiritual growth (e.g., Priestess, Hermit, Sun, etc.), the Six of Scepters can also indicate significant progress in the person's spiritual growth, i.e., spiritual victory.
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