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Ten of Wands Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Removing burdens and re-examining the state of life

Card Details:

With the reversed Ten of Scepters, the figure in the picture is collapsed and is being crushed by the ten scepters, a sight that we can surmise several directions to choose from.

One inference is that one is already exhausted and out of breath from being weighed down by the scepters, as if overworked and collapsing to the ground without support. The other direction of inference is that the load is laid down, the burden lifted, and freedom restored. This may have been a voluntary relinquishment, or a break from bondage by any means possible, yet it may also be a relinquishment of tasks and responsibilities.

The last direction is that the task is finally accomplished, or one's needs are met, and thus one is freed. In any case, it is an unloading of responsibility, whether it is because of exhaustion or half-heartedness, or whether one has actually accomplished the task and reached the goal.

Card Meaning Deduction:

This card inverted means encountering difficulties and hardships, and most likely some losses. It also suggests that you are afraid to face the reality and are full of inner conflicts because you are working hard but hitting the wall. It even represents falsehood, pretense and dishonesty, full of excuses and pretexts to avoid reality. Otherwise, you will be deceived and exploited, meet traitors or cheats, be tricked by conspiracy tactics, or even take the blame for others.

The Ten of Sceptres reversed usually means that you are too busy with career-related matters to deal with emotional needs. Long hours, night shifts, or working on the weekends are certain ways to avoid all kinds of relationships, or to forget about one particular relationship.

The Scepter or Fire nature is usually more interested in taking on a new challenge than in solving a pre-existing problem. In this case, the weight and quantity are adding to its burden, and in the end the person is likely to be undone physically as well as emotionally.

The Ten of Sceptres is reversed, meaning that you need to delegate a number of responsibilities, as well as solve current problems while holding off on anything new. If these ten scepters fall to the ground, you have three choices: you can pick them up and carry them differently; you can pick them up and carry them the way you were carrying them; or you can leave them behind and look for a new direction.

If you decide to drop them, it's important: you must understand why you're carrying such a heavy load this time. If you don't understand, you may pick up another ten scepters along the way, and be plunged back into your old predicament.

The chances of success are slim right now, because you're already sinking under the burden you're currently facing. It's time to return to the Nine of Scepters in positive position, which is to re-examine which goals are meant to be pursued, and those that can be delegated or abandoned. "If you want to get things done, you have to net accomplish it yourself." At this stage it will limit your pursuit of your goals. It's time to hire an accountant to help you complete your tax returns, find a graphic designer is to draw your flyers, or hire a lawyer to assist you with your business contracts.

In terms of wealth, you may have old finances that are tight and there's no one else to entrust with financial issues or responsibilities. It's time to go back to the Nine of Scepters and decide which expenses can be scaled back or eliminated altogether so that you can move towards your goals more efficiently. A reversed scepter usually means that physical exhaustion is accompanied by financial burdens.

When it comes to life, the Ten of Sceptres inverted indicates that the chunks of energy you've been reserving are being depleted. If you still continue at your current pace, you'll have to risk dragging your body down. It's time to return to the subject of the Nine of Scepters in positive position to determine what parts of your life can be efficiently carried out or simplified, or what activities can be dispensed with so that you can spend more time and energy on yourself.

If you understand the process of why you are overwhelmed by these ten scepters, you can start over in a very different way. As I write this, I know that I am also experiencing the message of the Ten of Sceptres in reverse - I am currently writing three books, reading three books, teaching a course in spiritual science & planning to further my education in the next year. All of this while helping to feed a newborn baby.

Core Tip

A reversed Ten of Scepters indicates that the person in question realizes an overburden and thus removes it.
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Knowledge Expansion

Ten of Sceptres reversed indicates that oppression is at a critical point and is about to collapse. Ten of Sceptres reversed indicates that oppression is at a critical point and is about to collapse.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card also means that you have to leave your burdens behind because you can't take it anymore.
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