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Ten of Wands Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Stressful and heavy, leaving behind the heavy burden in order to lighten up the road.

Card Details:

A man struggles to carry ten heavy scepters toward a distant house. On closer inspection the ten scepters are off the ground and he fully carries them and walks forward. is being pressed by the weight of the ten scepters he is carrying, and thus the posture is bent low and forward. He is breathless and exhausted by the weight of the scepters, but he is still unwilling to give up and walks forward, one step at a time, in order to live.

This famous image is based on the pattern of the Illuminating Ancient Tarots of the fifteenth century, from which the ten swords were taken and moved to the ten scepters used. The ten scepters are neatly arranged at the upper end of the image, sprouting branches and foliage, while the male is withered, a metaphor for having his life force sucked out of him, which can also be seen as the male infusing his life force into the clump of trees, or as the two becoming one.

The depiction of the Ten of Sceptres suggests a time when certain responsibilities are assigned. He is weighed down by these scepters, and they also obscure his direction (i.e., the house in the distance). He is eager to get involved in so many situations and, as a result, is overwhelmed with commitments and problems.

The man pictured above the cards did not need to carry these scepters in a way that would obscure his vision. Had he been able to see, he would have found an easier and more efficient way. The challenge now is to simplify the situation, which may mean leaving some of the scepters behind.

Card Meaning Deduction:

A man with ten scepters straining to move to a house in the far background, the blue sky indicates that his burdens are of his own choosing, and most likely these burdens have been growing since months or years ago. "I can do these things, and they are namely simple and take little time for me." It is this attitude that leads to the situation shown in the Tenth Scepter. That "simple" thing turns out to be more complicated than expected, and the person is heavily loaded, but can't delegate the burden to others. This card is usually chosen by the self-employed or small business owner. Having several doppelgangers at the same time makes it unthinkable to give up control.

Despite the burdens, the Ten of Scepters represents the success you have achieved after putting in a great deal of effort. Perhaps you'll benefit from delivering out certain responsibilities as that will take the pressure off of you and take time to think deeply about long-held visions. When you achieve your goals. You have every reason to be proud of your accomplishments because the Scepter is confirmation that it takes persistence and hard work to make dreams come true.

Busy modern people will no doubt feel very familiar with the theme of the Ten of Sceptres, however, we must wonder why the man in the picture has worked himself into such a state of exhaustion, is there not an easier way? There are many reasons for his stress, perhaps because he is afraid to say 'no', poor planning, doing too many things at once, making too many commitments, fear of losing face, etc. He refuses to give up. However, he refuses to give up because he carries a considerable degree of conviction and sense of responsibility. He wants to take all the responsibility alone, but forgets that he is only human, not superhuman. Success may be possible, but it doesn't have to be so hard because he only knows how to utilize the scepter's style - to push forward! But there is a lack of thinking and planning, which leads to such a hard situation. This situation can be significantly improved with more planning and the art of rejection.

The Ten of Sceptres is usually accompanied by the attitude: "If you want it done properly, you have to do it yourself." In the midst of doing business, you can then find it difficult or impossible to fake it. If you do let someone else do part of the work, you usually have to inspect the finished product. You feel burdened, so you can't go ahead and trust someone else to do the job as well.

It could also be describing someone who is self-employed, who takes care of everything to make sure the job gets done. Or it could be describing you taking on something that isn't your responsibility, for example, feeling the need to take on responsibility for another person.

This card shows that you want to be free so that you can do all the traveling or exciting things you want to do. However, this is not the case and you find yourself burdened with many responsibilities. These responsibilities are of your own making as you say "yes" to many opportunities without realizing how much commitment is involved. This card shows the results of not thinking twice before acting.

These situations and problems don't go away when you start to get bored with them, but seem to demand more of your time, attention and enthusiasm. The Ten of Sceptres suggests that it is time to entrust these burdens or responsibilities to the person who can best handle them well.

The central significance of the Ten of Sceptres is that it represents 'effort' in addition to the most basic 'pressure', and implies the possibility of success. Waite himself points out that the meaning of the Ten of Sceptres also includes harvest, good fortune, success in any form, before the burdens that come with it.

Money-wise the meaning is that now is the time to introduce a stable financial system as you are really tired of dealing with the many demands. While you may feel that quite down to learn new things will take you off target, doing it now is what will help you with your long term goals. The Ten of Scepters confirms financial success (depending on which cards are around the deck), but it's not a success that comes without effort.

In life, the Ten of Scepters represents fatigue caused by stressful circumstances. Taking on some of your responsibilities may help to relieve mental tension, and devoting time to creative projects or innovative activities may also ease your feelings of being overwhelmed. This card indicates tension or overwork in the back and shoulders. Note that this person loads the weight of these ten scepters. He will achieve what he desires, only the current struggle is really unnecessary.

When the Ten of Scepters appears in the algorithm of a relationship, it suggests that you want to take full responsibility for the continued success of the relationship. However, this is not a pragmatic approach to a gender relationship, implying that two or more people are involved and that you cannot be held responsible for your partner's decisions, behaviors, or beliefs.

This Ten could mean that if there is a problem or difficulty in your relationship, you will blame it entirely on yourself and believe that only your actions can rectify the situation. If it is accompanied by a card representing business or money, it may suggest that you are too busy with your business interests to pursue a relationship.

The person in question always takes things into his own hands, but forgets that love and marriage is a two-person affair. He finds it hard work but refuses to give up, holding on to the relationship in the hope that it will continue. However, it is not beneficial to both parties to maintain a relationship of poor quality in a hard way. The person concerned is advised to look at the facts clearly and apply constructive solutions to improve the relationship. When there is no cure, it is better to cut the Gordian knot.

Core Tip

Sometimes the burden of the Tenth Sceptre is not caused by the environment, but by the person concerned. An overly strong sense of responsibility and a personality that does not leave everything to others will make you feel overwhelmed, which will ultimately affect your life. Please keep the principle of "keep the green mountain in, not afraid of no wood to burn".
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Knowledge Expansion

As the saying goes, "those who can do more can do more", and sometimes you can play dumb, after all, it's not your responsibility to do other people's work.
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Card Meaning Extension

Have you ever worn yourself out because you were afraid to say no to someone's request? The Ten of Scepters asks you to learn to say no.
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