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Three of Wands Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Growth is stunted and new ways need to be explored

Card Details

With the reversed Three of Scepters, the originally calm sea becomes rough, and the scepter deeply planted in the land is also shaped like a floating duckweed, which means that it is not going well in the conduct of some matters, and it is not able to break through the bottleneck itself, and there is no way to pass the threshold. Your career is at a standstill. This may be due to your own carelessness, which may cause a pause in your career. It is also possible that the problem lies in the area of communication and transportation.

In terms of expansion and adventures, setbacks are encountered and obstacles are encountered due to a situation that is impassable. In the area of travel, there are obstacles in the way, and trade processes go awry. Many futile efforts, hard work goes down the drain and there is a great deal of internal disappointment.

Card meanings deduced

The Three of Scepters inverted indicates lack of cooperation, bad company, lack of vision, lack of leadership, and trade failures, the reason for which may lie in the person's overconfidence, too much ambition, and poor planning. The Three of Scepters inverted may also represent delays.

The reversal of this card also represents a breakdown in cooperative matters, where people are not getting along, holding each other back, and group cooperation splits up. There is a problem with external funding, so beware of situations where the source or quality of the funding, or the ulterior motives behind it, may be at stake.

In some cases, this card's reversal also indicates an unfavorable situation, when efforts are being made to alleviate misfortune, or to escape and interrupt bad luck, as well as to dissolve inner worries and concerns.

The reversed Three of Scepters indicates a period of time when contemplation is required. Remember that whenever you turn over a card that is reversed, you must go back to the orthodox card of the previous number to study the subject therein. For example, when the Three of Scepters is reversed, you must go back to the subject of the Two of Scepters to think about your options.

A reversed Three of Scepters also points to a period of time when your physical or emotional growth is stunted, suggesting that you may need to take a new approach. In some instances, it is the act of welcoming a ship into port and acting in compliance with new information and knowledge. It can also indicate that you are stirred up by past actions and decisions. This card emphasizes that you are feeling a bit frustrated by the decisions made in the Two of Scepters.

When the Three of Scepters is reversed, it sends a message to return to the Two of Scepters to decide on an appropriate position. Perhaps the time has come for a change of residence or a change of job, or it's suggesting that less time should be spent traveling. Instead, it's time to spend more time at home. It may be that you will have frustrations because your plans are moving very slowly, and this is likely to continue until after you have returned to the Two of Sceptres in order to make important decisions, when the situation may improve.

In a money reversed sense, Three of Sceptres could be telegraphing delays in financial plans and the need to finish behind schedule before moving to a physical location (job or residence). Now is the time to return to the square Two of Sceptres to decide which financial pipeline is most appropriate.

In terms of analysis regarding your life, the reversed Three of Scepters could be telling you that you won't be getting back to your normal routine as quickly because of a delay in making up your mind. You need to return to the positive Two of Scepters in order to decide what is the best way to achieve a healthy life. Perhaps you have been procrastinating or are on a strict diet. The distress or obstacles in your life at this stage are the result of indecisiveness, or having been avoiding making major life decisions. In some cases, travel is cut short or interrupted due to the finer points of your life, or the life aspects of a close friend or loved one.

Core Tip

Three of Sceptres inverted represents a lack of leadership or over-ambition leading to a bad situation.
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Knowledge Expansion

Purposeful situation has risks, without careful planning and resilience may lead to failure, think twice, do not be impulsive.
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Card Meaning Extension

This thing is past its worst, and the outlook for what's to come is a bit more optimistic than before, but the stakes are still high.
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