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Three of Wands Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Face the distance, your future is in your visio

Card Details

On the top of a mountain stands the figure of a successful merchant, clad in striking crimson and green robes, three scepters standing straight up on the ground, the merchant's right hand holding one of the three scepters protruding from the land in his hand as he looks out over the harbor reflecting the golden sunlight of the three ships as he watches his trade ship sail out to sea. The sky was a distinct yellow, and the sea reflected the sky, also yellow.

The merchant wore a black flat cap on his head, signifying authority. With blue sleeves and a red cloak, he teeters on the edge of enthusiasm and calm. A green outer scarf hangs over his left shoulder, representing what grows on the ground, the foundation of the resources behind it. Obliquely draped in yellow and black like a checkerboard square, representing the heart of the attacking and calculating mind. His posture reveals his calm and dignified character.

Following the merchant from the edge of the seaside cliffs, the view is of a vast expanse of water with several sailing ships, the passage of which symbolizes far-flung connections and hopeful expectations. The sky is bright orange and yellow, and although distant, you can vaguely see the rolling hills on the other side of the river, which will require more preparation and determination in order to have a way to get there.

The Three of Sceptres represents cooperation. Look at the several ships in the picture, each in its own way, heading to their destination to trade. This huge business empire cannot be built by the leader alone, but requires the cooperation of many people, so cooperation is definitely a key point.

Card Meaning Deduction

We can compare the Three of Scepters to the Fool and the Hermit, all three of which are standing on a cliff at the top of a mountain, and all three of which are exploratory in some way. The Fool, like a newborn baby, can't wait to step out and explore the world; the Hermit stands silently on a snow-covered mountain, exploring his own heart; and the Merchant of the Three of Scepters is "going forward" to see his ship sail away to an unknown world. Unlike the Fool who lacks thought and the Hermit who enjoys solitude, he understands what he is doing and is ready to take the next step, but only after careful thought and planning. The Three of Sceptres indicates that this is a good time to explore new horizons.

This businessman has a huge business and he is in a position of leadership. Therefore, the Three of Sceptres also represents leadership, indicating that this person is capable enough to lead his work team. He is also a visionary leader. Look at the top of the mountain on which he is standing, the higher he stands the further he can see, and the further he can see, the more he can make the most forward-thinking measures and decisions. Vision is undoubtedly one of the most important qualities of a leader. The Three of Scepters could also be a reminder not to be impatient or short-sighted, but to learn from the strengths of this businessman and think ahead.

This card suggests travel and the progress of plans. It is possible that the person on the card is about to board a ship for a trip abroad or is waiting for the ship to arrive and he is coming to pick up the goods he has bought. The goods that arrive suggest progress on a plan and there is little to no hindrance, so going with your plan is going to be rewarding.

The figure in Scepter III is stationary, in rest, as he looks out over the sea and watches the ships come into the harbor to unload their cargo. The ships are loaded with his supplies, that could be some raw materials or payment for goods sold in other countries. Though eager to move on, he understands the benefits of sending the ships away first and staying put himself. In this way, he explores life's opportunities while taking control of established accomplishments.

The Three of Scepters is the establishment and operation of power, representing outward expansion, with domains and spaces (mostly planes), as well as external funding and help, or the addition of a new force. This card symbolizes career expansion and adventure, as well as effort and the discovery of rewards. These ships sailing on the sea, carrying the goods and trade of the protagonist character, symbolize the acquisition of property and business exchanges, as well as trade and commercial activities.

The actions of the Three of Sceptres must be communicated with others and expanded to a wider amplitude, the further the better, and the more frequent the exchanges, all of which are very helpful for the career. Because there is a strong emphasis on the flow of trade and transportation, it also represents the travel industry and travel-related entertainment. When divining, it represents the expansive nature of the matter in question. When the two of you work together, the third scepter goes outward, and the expansion of your career goes outward.

The number three is a combination of one and two, which represents "cooperation" and "achievement" in numerology. The Three of Scepters shows the initial success of the Scepter deck, presenting a strong connection to business and trade. Usually, the person at this time has achieved a little success in his or her work, negotiations are successful, negotiations go smoothly, and plans are implemented in a stable manner. If you get a new job offer or a new case at this time, don't miss the opportunity.

The Three of Sceptres can represent that you can remain relatively calm when you seek meaning within yourself; it indicates that you are expanding new avenues and interests within yourself and outside yourself, while maintaining a state of balance.

The Third Scepter shows that action has brought the plan a small step closer to completion, and he is now acting on the decision he made in the Second Scepter, which can indicate achievement. At first, he will be emotional as he reserves his scepter space for the stability that is to come in the Four of Scepters, which indicates a loss of urgency, which is characteristic of the Scepter type.

The Three of Scepters is the process of advancing to the next natural stage of a situation after having spent some time in contemplation during the Two of Scepters. It is often a card representing travel, especially when it appears in the same deck as the reversed Squire of Swords, the Ace of Scepters, or the Eight of Scepters. In the case of the figure on the card wearing a traveling cloak and standing with his back to us, inspecting the scene from behind, we can feel the same anticipation of his ship's arrival. The scepter type thrives on the realization of the desired goal.

Overall, the situation outside the seeker's body is very favorable, with complete control over all matters, and any decisions will be correct and wise. The seeker should make good use of the opportunity to give advice. However, the seeker will not have a chance to rest for the time being.

The money significance is that financial plans are in the works and they could include domestic or foreign travel. The clear skies on the card mean that as you put your plans into action, you can easily move toward your financial goals, and you can act on past decisions (i.e., those made by the Two of Scepters) because now you have enough financial power to support your move.

Health-wise it makes sense to improve your health, perhaps a trip or a vacation could do the trick. Carefree time to unload stress is the way to make yourself healthy. If you are asking for ways to be healthy, then the Three of Sceptres suggests that you might want to start walking more now.

The Three of Sceptres in the algorithm of gender relationships suggests that there will be continued growth and development. As you and your partner move into deeper commitments together, you will experience growth. It also suggests relationships between the sexes while traveling around, and the Three of Sceptres often comes up when you're involved with someone who lives overseas. It also represents a relationship that occurs when one or both partners are traveling, a vacation romance, or a relationship that begins with a business trip.

This is the very card that refers to Jenna moving in with Rob. It also presents their relationship moving to the next natural stage, or to a higher level of commitment. The Three of Scepters also suggests that you are considering your recent situation and searching for meaning both within and without you. Patience is needed now, as there is enough momentum in this situation to enable change and growth.

Core Tip

The Three of Sceptres usually means traveling or putting plans into practice.
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Knowledge Expansion

For relationship divination, the Three of Sceptres may indicate a successful long-distance relationship or exploring a new person. For travel, the Three of Scepters usually indicates going abroad for further study or business.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Three of Scepters represents people traveling together, cooperating in business, and working together to support a business.
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