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Two of Wands Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

No empty talk, once you've made up your mind, you have to put your ideas into practice!

Card Details

With the reversed Two of Scepters, the picture can be seen as the Lord making the scepters tip over due to a lack of holding, indicating a wrong choice of direction, biased decision making, and a blocked future. The lack of stability of the double scepter indicates that things are in a state of imbalance or disharmony, showing problems with cooperation, unfairness or disharmony.

Due to the inability to grasp the Earth in the hand, it suggests that there is not full certainty about events or that the current is just empty talk. Once you have made up your mind, you should put your ideas into practice, otherwise it's all just words on paper.

Card meanings deduced

The task on the inverted Two of Scepters is tiresome and unsatisfying, but fearful of moving on to another challenge. He tries to convince himself that there are no other options left, and that perhaps he should stay where he is safe and familiar. However, he would eventually need to leave the safe haven to venture outside so that he could see what life held in reserve for him at that end of the world.

When the Two of Scepters is inverted, it suggests that you should quit evaluating your options and jump right into a new experience. When you leave the safety of your environment and enter the unknown or a new scenario, you release a tremendous amount of energy, which may come in the form of fear, hope, anticipation, apprehension, and all sorts of other things. Whichever form it takes, you know you are still alive.

The inverted scepter two indicates a sudden change in a scenario that has been unsatisfactory for a long time. Perhaps you spend too much time rationalizing your stay in this situation, telling yourself, "It's not really that bad here! Someone else might like this situation. I could be worse off in a different situation. Look and see, he would be happy to trade places with me while I'm here complaining and being unfulfilled."

Life often forces us to change when we are unwilling to take responsibility for our actions. It is true that there are people who would love to be in your position, but if you have outgrown it, perhaps you should give it up and move forward. If you don't do so yourself, life will eventually do it for you or prompt you to do it.

With the Two of Sceptres reversed, the lord may lose his power and courage, be weak and incompetent, plan wrongly, things will go wrong, or a good start may end badly. On the other hand, 2 Scepter Reversed can also indicate that the person concerned has finally stopped thinking and is moving on to the next step.

Core Tip

The interpretation of the Two of Scepters is more divided than the other cards. The mainstream meaning of the card in European and American books usually favors the meaning of success, but many people also emphasize the meaning of the Two of Scepter's "indecision", and believe that the reversed Two of Scepter is quicker to make a decision.
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Knowledge Expansion

In fact, there is no right or wrong way to interpret the two meanings of the cards, and it will not affect the accuracy, as long as you can agree with the meaning of the cards, the tarot cards will naturally operate according to their own definitions.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Two of Scepters is the more static card in the Scepter deck, so there is the possibility of delays in developments. Sometimes plans can't keep up with changes, so adjust your approach as the situation evolves.
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