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Two of Wands Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Make a choice, look to the future, everything is under control!

Card Details

A man dressed in the garb of a lord stands on his ramparts overlooking his vast territory, looking out over the distant ocean. He holds a globe-like sphere in his right hand and a scepter in his left. The scepter in his right is tied to the wall by an iron ring. On the wall is a white lily crossed with a red rose, the white lily symbolizing purity of thought and the red rose symbolizing passion, implying that a balance must be struck between the two.

On scepter two, one scepter is tethered to the wall while the other is free. This indicates that you have two choices, one part of you is satisfied with stasis, while the other part of you has the desire to move, change or travel. And the person in the second mile of the scepter is bored and surrounded by his accomplishments (the low wall). The globe in his hand indicates that he is making a decision. His world (meaning his accomplishments or environment) no longer seems to have meaning to him because he has grown out of it. The land indicates stabilizing forces and the water indicates tranquility. He crosses the water and looks out over the distant mountains and the challenges they represent, the sky is cloudy but he doesn't notice as he places his focus on his inner world.

Card Meaning Deduction

At first glance, the Two of Scepters and the Three of Scepters are quite similar in that they are both compositions of men looking out over a distant ocean, and both the Lord of the Two of Scepters and the Merchant of the Three of Scepters are successful leaders with considerable power, but note the difference in their postures. The merchant of Scepter Three looks away from the distant ships out to sea, having just successfully realized a great deal, while the sight of the Lord of Scepter Two is much more complex, appearing to look down on the proud territory he holds, and also appearing to study the sphere with his head bowed down in silence, as if he is calculating something, pondering something. Weart compares him to Alexander the Great - on top of the world, but hardly suffering from grief.

Another way to look at it is that the lord is contemplating the sphere in order to make a bold and successful plan or decision, so we can see the Second Scepter as the beginning of the success that comes from expedient plans and bold decisions, reaching the peak of success in the Third Scepter.

Paradoxically, the Second Scepter expresses both 'success' and 'nothingness'. The lord has the whole world at his fingertips, but he is still within the walls contemplating his next move. He seems to be bored because he is trapped by his success, and cannot continue to show the full extent of the 'sceptre-like' action that led him to open up the world in the first place. Perhaps the person in question has enough resources to accomplish what he wants, but he is discouraged; or perhaps he has achieved success, but realizes that it was not what he wanted in the first place. Ask yourself what you really want.

The Second Scepter represents decisions, usually physical ones. For example, moving house, changing jobs, or making some specific changes in your life. If asked about your career, this card suggests that you are deciding whether or not to change jobs or industries. The Two of Scepters does not represent action, but the decision itself. Action is represented by the One of Scepters. Before deciding to act, the Two of Scepters represents an evaluation of options; it is a choice between what you are used to and what you want to have.

In a relationship reading, the Two of Scepters may suggest deciding on a relationship or deciding whether or not to make a deeper commitment to a relationship. For example, Jenna is deciding whether or not to move in with her partner, Rob. She wants to go, but is unsure how she will cope with Rob's seven-year-old daughter. Jenna wants to develop a further relationship, but has to wonder if living with Rob might cause more problems than it solves.

Scepter Two points out her options. She lives in a comfortable apartment and enjoys a fast life, but it's all a bit routine for her, unlike all the opportunities that living with Rob brings. However, Rob is very unkempt around the house, and Jenna may quickly become irritated by this. This card indicates that Jenna must consider both the positive and negative aspects of living with Rob, and that she must carefully weigh the relative merits of the two options when making her decision.

Core Tip

The Second Scepter suggests a time of dissatisfaction with current circumstances due to growth and the need to decide on a future course of action. He indicates the fact that what you currently have is not enough and you will decide what to do next.
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Knowledge Expansion

The lord's hand resting on the globe also indicates a confident individual with plans, visions and ambitions for the future. As the image shows, he is contemplating plans for expansion and has ideas and blueprints in mind.
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Card Meaning Extension

A good leader is not only able to convince people with his strength, but also able to propose good directions and visions. If he cannot concentrate on his own business, all his ideas will be illusions.
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