Safe & Sound

Today's world is facing a huge environmental issues, how to make life sustainable development is the citizens of the earth need to face the problem, MoMo Tarot noticed that every production of a deck of Tarot cards need to consume the appropriate amount of wood, although the trees are renewable resources, but only 40% of the renewable energy sources, which is not good news, so MoMo Tarot has made a So MoMo Tarot has made a decision to sacrifice some of its own interests to make donations, to make a small contribution to the cause of environmental protection, just as MoMo Tarot was established in the beginning, aimed at serving every newbie who wants to understand and learn, this is the social responsibility we must take! We are honored to do so!

Make like a tree and leave a green legacy.

We are honored to contribute to environmental protection, and we also hope that our spirit can be passed on..

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